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Immediately following World Maker Faire, MAKE kicks off its first Maker Sessions on September 24 with Urban Sensor Hack, an open workshop that will start with a live event in Chicago and continue with a series of online community events that conclude with a Show and Tell for makers on October 15. The goal of Urban Sensor Hack is to bring together makers who are creating sensor-based applications that take advantage of cheap sensors and microcontrollers to track events or monitor conditions in urban areas.

Michael, on his third visit to the Maker Faire, tests the Pulse Sensor designed by Yuri Gitman (l) and Joel Murphy (far r). (Gregory Hayes / MAKE)

Makers work on sensor applications at Maker Faire. (Gregory Hayes / MAKE)

We’ve invited some master makers to show us DIY devices and applications that they’ve built. We’ll present a number of current projects that are deploying sensors to improve our understanding of the urban environment. Plus, even if you’ve never built such an application, we’ll show you how.

We welcome makerspaces and teams to participate, getting together to build and test new applications. We will distribute 20 Sensor Hack Packs containing sensors and electronics for a variety of devices to participating makerspaces. To register, please follow the link on the Urban Sensor Hack page.

We’ll use G+ to organize hangouts and an online community for Urban Sensor Hack. You can share ideas for new kinds of sensor-based applications. We will also gather a variety of projects to create more awareness of cool projects that are already underway. If you’d like to participate, please register through the Urban Sensor Hack page and we’ll send you information on upcoming events when we launch next Tuesday.

We will also be organizing Maker Sessions in November with the topic “21st Century Robots.”

Visit Urban Sensor Hack for more information.