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Only a short time ago, it would’ve been outlandish to think enough people would be willing to buy one of our weirdo projects to make it worthwhile for us to manufacture it. Today, thanks to crowdfunding, this scenario happens to makers all the time. It happened to my partner and me at our two-person design company, CW&T (, when we designed a pen and used Kickstarter to pre-sell 50 of them. When our campaign ended we had over 5,500 orders! Surpassing our funding goal by such an extent transformed our project from something that is made into something that is manufactured.

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Taylor Levy

Taylor Levy ( is one half of CW&T (, an art and design studio based in Brooklyn, N.Y. Inspired by technology, her work simplifies complex or opaque systems by breaking them apart, exposing their inner workings, and reorganizing them into self-explanatory structures.

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