Steve Hoefer Mini Blind Minder project,.

Steve Hoefer’s Mini Blind Minder project,.

I’m putting together a piece for MAKE on money-saving home hacks/projects. The idea here is to assemble a collection of maker projects that can save real money, either in the short term or over the long haul. I’m looking for unique maker projects here, not just quick tips, repairs, or common things like “Do an energy audit and add more insulation.” I’m looking for things like home energy monitoring/control systems/home automation, resource management projects, in-kitchen food gardens, etc. These should be proven projects that save significant dough. Any ideas? Please share and you might see your suggested project end up in MAKE! (And you’ll get credit for your contribution.)

And while it’s perfectly OK to think out loud here and brainstorm ideas, I’m looking for existing projects with a track record for the article. Include project links in your comments.