Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s a celebration of food and family. My wife and I will be cooking and I look forward to seeing my grown children and their families around the table. (There’s so much preparation and the dinner itself goes by so fast!)

Thanksgiving recognizes two forms of making that I love: gardening and cooking. Both are hands-on and pleasurable. And the return on investment is so tangible — you get to eat what you make, talk about what you make and share what you make.

Thanksgiving also reminds me of the bounty of nature and its endless variety, such as this display of gourds and squashes that I saw this week at a roadside farmstand.


The harvest is an opportunity to stop and reflect on the work that we do and the benefits it brings to us and others. I give thanks for the maker community and its amazing variety of makers. I am fortunate that I get to meet so many wonderful people I might never have known and places I would have never seen but for MAKE and Maker Faire. I am grateful to all the people who bring not just their abundant talents but also their optimism and generosity to the Maker Movement. I am grateful for the team I work with at Maker Media who do the work of organizing, curating and connecting makers as well as helping them tell their stories.

My best wishes to you and your family for a Happy Thanksgiving.