Artist Aganetha Dyck embraces the collaborative process in order to create these fascinating sculptures with the help of some honey bees. She also works with a qualified beekeeper to make sure that the bees are properly taken care of because she is interested in investigating the ramifications of what might happen to our world if honey bees were to die out.

To begin a collaborative project with the honeybees, I choose a slightly broken object or damaged material from a second hand market place. I choose damaged objects because honeybees are meticulous beings, they continuously mend anything around them and they do pay attention to detail. To encourage the honeybees to communicate, I strategically add wax or honey, propolis or hand-made honeycomb patterns to the objects prior to placing them into their hives. At least I like to think my methods are strategic. The honeybees often think otherwise and respond to what is placed within their hive in ways that make my mind reel.

[via Whimsebox]

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