Geeks in Line Getting Coffee: Arduino’s Massimo Banzi


Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi and I met up early in the morning at the Las Vegas Convention Center coffee shop, firing up the camera to do our own rendition of the enjoyable Seinfeld “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” series. In it we talk about the surprise of finding ourselves at the world’s largest consumer trade show, how many fitness trackers are being peddled at the event, discuss how Kickstarter has transformed hardware, and laugh about all the people cutting in front of us.

Does his presence at CES mean making has gone mainstream? Watch and decide.

6 thoughts on “Geeks in Line Getting Coffee: Arduino’s Massimo Banzi

  1. gorillian
    No I haven’t been asked that question.
    I don’t believe Chinese products are far better and Arduino products. Do you have any evidence to support your argument? I’ve bought a lot of chinese-made fake Arduino boards and they are often made with a lot less care than the original.
    Fake arduinos are cheaper becuase they do not need to pay anybody to develop the product, they can just download the files from our website. No need to run a website with millions of visitors, people can just use ours. They mostly sell via ebay so they don’t have to allow distributors to make money on the products they sell.

    The issue here is if you want to support a community and its ecosystem or if you just want to exploit the open hardware movement. The latter is easier and cheaper but don’t hold your breath for any innovation to come from the cloners.

    I’m available to continue the conversation, if you want. I put my name and my face on my work, it might not always be perfect but I believe in it. I would love to see any contribution you have made to the Maker movement.


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