Wooden Espresso Machine Case Mod

Mark Hendrickson from Melbourne, Australia found a cheap espresso machine at a garage sale and modded it to become a shot-pulling masterpiece. After extracting the guts from the machine and mounting them onto a welded steel frame, he enclosed the entire piece in scrap wood from a job site. Rather than exposing the indicator LEDs, they shine down onto the counter from below the machine.

Happy with the end result, Mark set up a landing page to collect the contact information for those who want their own wood-enclosed espresso machine made by him.

“I’m hoping it’ll be a bit of fun and there’s enough interest in the design that I’ll be able to make a few more bespoke, higher-quality versions and use the proceeds to level up my woodworking skills,” he said. “Having not had a proper side project for 8 months, I’m really looking forward to making a couple of machines for others—even if it ends up just friends and family.” [via Reddit]

0 thoughts on “Wooden Espresso Machine Case Mod

  1. Jeanine H says:

    This is fantastic. Small modern reused & repurposed wood materials. Love it. Innovative creative perfectly shaped for efficient use of space. Look forward to reading more about this products success in the future.

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