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This post comes to you live from the Raspberry Pi Jamboree in Manchester, England which is being held as part of the Education Innovation Conference & Exhibition at the Manchester Central Conference Centre this week. 

These days the bullet time effects made famous by the fight scenes in the Matrix might seem common place, but when the movie was released they seemed almost magical. They were, and still are, an amazing technical achievement that you might think would cost a great deal of money to replicate. At least until now.

The Frozen Raspberry is an bullet time rig built from 48 individual Raspberry Pi boards, each with a Pi camera module attached, arranged in a circle and set up to take pictures simultaneously. Add about a third of a mile of Ethernet cable and some Python, and you have all you need to replicate the movie magic.

I talked to Andrew Robinson—the creator of the Frozen Raspberry—about how he put it together and what made him build it in the first place,

Interview with Andrew Robinson at the Raspberry Pi Jamboree.


Andrew talks about the Frozen Raspberry.