maker-faire-bay-area-logo-2014OK, so it’s not exactly a “car,” it’s a 3D printed, 70 pound, giant RC vehicle. Although you can’t quite yet drive around in it, stay tuned to rockstar 3D printing designer Michael Curry’s YouTube feed for updates.

This monster took more than 5 months to fabricate in PLA on two MakerBot Replicator 2s at Kansas City’s Hammerspace.


To print this puppy, Curry used the following settings: 2 shells, 0.2mm layer height, and 10% infill density. During his test of the 3D printed rear differential, he found it could support a combined weight of at least 70 pounds. Come on down to Maker Faire Bay Area to see it in action!

Check out the build stage videos Curry made documenting the evolution of this fantastic project:

3D Print This Car — The Rear Axle


3D Print This Car, Rear End Prototype #2


3D Printed Vehicle — Rear Suspension Test


I’m really looking forward to seeing this at Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend! Have you fabricated your own vehicle? Tell us about it!