Want to build a robot that can do computer vision, motion detection, machine learning, and that won’t break the bank? Qualcomm wants that too, and their family of robotics boards and tools makes it possible.

The first approach uses a compatible smartphone as the brains of the robot and leverages the phone’s sensors and processing power. Combine the phone with a 3D-printed chassis and you’re on the way to rapid robot prototyping. Perhaps best of all, the cost of the entire build falls under $100, assuming you already have a smartphone.


A second option is a bit more advanced and uses the Dragon-based IFC6410 Single-Board Computer. Unlike a smartphone, which limits the ways to expand capability, the IFC6410 is packed with great input/output connection — it even has SATA!

If you happen to be at Maker Faire this weekend, you’re in luck: Qualcomm is giving five IFC6410 development kits and robot chassis away. Not a lucky winner? No problem, Qualcomm has you covered with 50% off the IFC6410, but the offer ends tomorrow, on May 18th.

mydragonboard maker faire IFC6410 for 75