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Now I’ve seen some pretty amazing projects on Ikea Hackers, but this studio installation from Mommo Design is really quite impressive in its execution. I have a personal soft spot for these Trofast bins from Ikea. They are very affordable, modular, and best of all, they come in white! I use them to keep all my crafty things in order at home. I never would have thought to use the bins as a lighting feature. Way to think outside-of-the-bin!

Ikea Hack

ikea hack detail


ikea hack jigsaw

With the right hand tools, a lot of patience and some creative thinking you too can create a unique and functional space. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting shapes and materials next time you find yourself wandering the warehouse. Don’t forget to visit the As-Is section of the store, you might just be inspired to create a new hack!

Check out some other Trofast-related Ikea Hacks here. I am loving this play table too!


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