If you’re a craft blogger or Etsy seller, you know that good photographs can bring a whole lot of attention to your work, which can translate into higher pageviews or increased sales.

Do your photography skills need an upgrade? Check out this article covering 10 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Craft Photography and How to Fix Them that photographer Heidi Adnum shared on Craft Tuts+.

When we’re trying to take great photos of our craft, it’s easy to imagine the end result: well-exposed, well-lit, in-focus and sharp images that showcase our work. But despite our best efforts, this doesn’t always go to plan. Adding to the frustration, it can be difficult to work out what, precisely, is the problem.

Today it’s time to talk about 10 of the most common problems we encounter with everyday craft photography. The problems cover basic but important topics such as styling, lighting, composition and camera settings.

Even if you’ve been camera shy in the past, give it a shot. Heidi’s guide is filled with practical tips for getting better photographs, and you definitely don’t have to be a pro shooting in a studio to get it right!