Starship Bridge Simulator At Maker Faire Kansas City

Hammerspace, the local community workshop in Kansas City, really brought in an impressive show this year. They created a starship bridge simulator. This was complete with everything you would expect if you’ve ever seen an episode of Star Trek. There were multiple stations, each with a unique and important role in completing the mission. Flashing lights, warning displays, a large display screen, and exploding panels really brought the environment to life. The software they are using is called Artemis, and supplies an incredibly detailed experience on its own. Hammerspace’s bridge simulator takes it to a whole new universe though!

The smiles and shouts from kids and adults alike were non-stop in the simulator. The folks at Hammerspace took many pictures of their display and the rest of the event that you can find here, on their g+ page.

Dale Dougherty got a chance to interview Michael Curry, one of the co-creators of the starship bridge simulator


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  1. If you’re interested in an open source (GPL) implementation of the basic idea of a multiplayer networked starship bridge simulator which runs on Linux, check out Space Nerds In Space on github.

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