Orlando is about to be taken over by the makers! The third year for the Maker Faire Orlando is coming up soon. Their call for makers ends Sunday, July 13th, so you better rush to get in contact with them to see if your project fits. They’ve already got over 100 makers signed up and they’re hoping to add roughly 50 more. Do you have something you want to show off? Do you have a story to tell? Let them know!

Just to get you excited, lets check out a few of the returning exhibits that drew a crowd last year. You’ll get a chance to see them in person soon!


Dog Powered Robot

A theatrical group consisting of energetic and amusing robots. The main character, seen in the picture above, is “powered” by a Pomeranian. The group teaches creativity and engineering portrayed from the imagination of a child.

Evan Miga and his Orlando based company, Miga Me are the geniuses behind the production. The group is now working to spread the ideas of imagination and engineering to the public as Dog Powered Robot® Labs. Their team takes low-tech and high-tech items and transforms them into something you could only dream — or so you think.


Human Powered Snow Machine

John Donoughe has built the worlds largest snow cone machine. It is so large that you can stand in it, which is good because that is how it is powered. To make a snow cone you’ve got to get inside the machine and either walk or run your way to a delightfully refreshing icy treat.

Imagine a life-sized hamster wheel that uses a conveyor belt and the result of your own energy to create a delicious, frozen treat; it all results in the show stopper that is the Human Powered Snow Cone.



Take It Apart

Many of us have experienced the joy of disassembling things to see what is inside. Often we disguise this in the act of “repairing” something but honestly we just like to see what is inside! This is what take it apart is about. They just want to take things apart and see what is inside. Their booth has items for dis-assembly as well as a full tool set to get the job done.


Of course there are many incredible individuals there as well. You should take some time to look over the list of Makers and see what interests you!


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