The Commodore 64 may be long out of production, but it still lives in the hearts of many enthusiasts. Some people might write new games for this computer, but YouTuber “Staring Lizzard” decided to instead design and build a stand-alone emulator.

Physically speaking, this is really a work of art. The board is designed as a The board was designed as a 6 layer PCB, of which more information can be found here. It has the same general dimensions as a Raspberry Pi in order to take advantage of its small size and readily-available cases. The display is a 7 inch TFT screen, and has a 800×480 resolution. The whole thing is encased in a beautiful clear box that looks like it could have come from an industrial design firm.

Naturally, there was also a large amount of software work that went into having this board emulate the C64. You can find the details of this here. According to the write-up emulation isn’t entirely perfect and took some trial-and error to get to work acceptably. Regardless, this is an amazing build for a hobby project.

As seen in the video, it’s able to run quite a few original Commodore games! I hope that someone else will get inspiration from this project. Since it should dimensionally be able to accommodate a Raspberry Pi, it would make a great chassis for projects involving that board.