In this last episode of Maker Hangar, I show you how to fly your Maker Trainer 2. I show you how to hand launch it, how to fly around, and how to do some acrobatics. In this season, I showed you how to build and fly a Tricopter and another Airplane. We hope you enjoyed, and if you would like to see more videos by me, you can go to my channel “InComing RC”.

In this episode I go over some tips on flying just the Maker Trainer 2, If you want information on how to fly RC planes in general you can go check out the how to fly video from last season of Maker Hangar

If you want the PDF plans, additional electronics, or if you want to buy the Maker Trainer 2 kit you can go to it’s product page. If you want to build a tricopter, you can go to the Maker Hangar Tricopter product page. Also, if you want the same T-Shirts I wore in the series you can order yours here. If you’re building either of these aircrafts then please consider posting pictures and videos of them on the Maker Hangar Google+ Page. Thanks for watching Maker Hangar 2!