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Cammi Upton’s Embroidered Movie Monsters


After posting Cammi Upton’s frighteningly fantastic nail art last week, I reached out to the self-proclaimed “cryptofluffologist” to find out more about the process she uses to create her unbelievably realistic embroidered movie monsters. If you think that the images that she creates are scary, listen to the painstaking tedium that goes into making them:

I start by blocking out the piece in a few different colors of felt and then I cover the entire piece in stitches with sewing and embroidery thread. It’s an extremely time consuming process since I do it all by hand. I bring them with me everywhere in the hopes that I’ll get a chance to work on them!

upton-monsters-2Toes for scale.

upton-monsters-4It must take incredible patience to stitch every little detail by hand!





Every bit of the time and effort that Upton puts into creating these pieces is well worth it for these incredible results if you ask me!


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