Babies are growing on trees in China. Little babies with tiny facial features, closed eyes and daintily crossed hands. These are not normal babies though, these are pear babies. That’s right. Pears that are shaped like babies, and they look oddly realistic.

baby-shaped-pears-china-designboom-05 (1)

Fruit Mould Co, Ltd. is a company that specializes in creating molds so you can have wacky and weird shaped fruits and veggies.The process works by snapping a plastic mold into place around the fruit or veggie during the developmental stage, with it growing into and taking on the shape of the mold as it matures. You can also buy Buddha pear molds, star and heart shaped cucumber molds, and square and heart shaped watermelon molds. These fun shaped fruits are not only great for showing off in your fruit bowl at home, Fruit Mould sells their quirky harvests at nearby markets, making the molds a great tool for local producers for Farmer’s Markets, gardeners and restaurants.