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Ultralight First Aid Kit


I mentioned earlier this week that I would be going on an epic adventure to visit Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. My boyfriend and I will be travelling to a paddle-in camp site on kayaks. That means everything we bring must be ultralight–  there is no room for fluffy pillows and heavy gear. Ultralight enthusiasts have been known to get excited about how little they can get away with. This leads to breaking your comb in half and bringing only the essentials in teeny-tiny packages.

Altoid Tin First Aid Kits are not a new idea, just throw that term into a search engine and you will find lots of examples to pick and choose from. The one we designed includes pieces chosen from several different sources, and is meant to be used on a short trip (4 days) to service two people. I encourage you to use this a guide, and a challenge to create the perfect first aid kit to bring on your own adventures– wherever they may lead you.


Take a peek inside.


1. Scalpel blade

2. Band-Aids in assorted sizes

3. Altoids tin with pieces of glow-in-the-dark Duck Tape

4. Sterile gauze pads

5. Super glue

6. Sliver Gripper™ Tweezers

7. Ointment sealed into straws sections (Polysporin & Hydrocortisone). For a really great tutorial on how to do this, check out Brian’s Backpacking Blog.

8. Aquatab (water purification tablet)

9. Antiseptic disinfecting pad

10. ReSkin blister patch

11. Medication, assorted and labelled (Gravol, Tylenol 1, Imodium, Aspirin, Benadryl)

12. Alcohol pads

13. Conforming bandage (stretchy gauze)

There should be an item #14 that we forgot after this photo was taken, two safety pins.


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