Artist Yves Helbert was in the process of looking for a place to exhibit his work when he decided to put some of his miniature works into boxes to create his own art spaces in a series of dioramas called “Reconfigurations.”


Having solved his exhibition space problem, Helbert is now free to play around with scale to create any kind of exhibition he wants. In a clever recreation of a Damien Hirst piece, he used a fishing lure in place of a shark preserved in formaldehyde, which makes perfect sense, considering that Hirst is famous for baiting his viewers with his provocative work.



The real fun of Helbert’s work is the way that recognizable images, like trinkets and figurines, become totally believable as art objects when he simply puts them into the context of a “reconfigured” art space, and because we are all currently experiencing his work through the internet, these miniature spaces are just as big as any other art space that we can view in digital images anyway.

[via Lustik]