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Urban Gliders at Maker Faire New York

This unique and fun looking method of transportation was swooping around Maker Faire and catching a lot of attention. We grabbed him as he glided by and asked him a bit about his invention.

Urban Gliders launched a kickstarter but it appears as though they’re putting things on pause for a bit while they figure out if some patent issues are going to effect them or not. It certainly looks like it would be fun to ride, and would be a shame if they didn’t get a chance to bring it to market.


0 thoughts on “Urban Gliders at Maker Faire New York

  1. [channelsgrammarnazi] This would be “affect”, not “effect”. “…patent issues are going to affect them or not.” [/channelsgrammarnazi]

  2. It’s a bit unfortunate how you are show casing a already commercially available product as if this guy invented it!
    This is not new and can be purchased on many websites including amazon.

  3. I also was confused at first until I read in the comments that the product was available.. Why I was confused? Well on kickstarter I clicked the link to his facebook page and there I saw a factory that was already producing these things and people driving around with these (in china..)

  4. Yet another grey-label product showing up on Kickstarter. It;s been around for over 5 years. He lies about the prototype too. Really funny to watch him tape a board to a fully functional product and claim to have made it. Youtube it. Totally worth the laugh.


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