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How-To: Clueless-Inspired Virgin Who Can’t Drive Tote Bag


I’m not gonna lie: When I saw this bag, I laughed out loud, then I repeated the line to my computer screen in my best Tai voice. And, chances are, if you were a teen in the 90s, you probably did too.

Feeling nostalgic for the days of Betties and Baldwins? Impressively-matched plaid skirt suits? Cell phones the size of your head? You’ll definitely want to check out this hilarious Clueless-inspired virgin who can’t drive tote bag tutorial from The Homesteady! Because, if we learned anything from Cher, it’s this: Everywhere in LA takes twenty minutes, and there’s nothing worse than being called a virgin who can’t drive.

And now, because we’re all thinking it: That was way harsh, Tai.

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