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It’s been nearly two years since the 3Doodler was successfully funded on Kickstarter.com. Today, they have released their first new extruder since then. The 3Doodler 2.0 features a new slimmer lighter design and a new and improved filament drive system for smoother extrusions. The 3Doodler team took a lot of feedback from their customers to make the new pen, hopefully it will live up to the expectations.


For more details, check out their site at the3Doodler.com.

7 thoughts on “3Doodler Releases New 3D Printing Pen

  1. Of course this gets released right after I bought one for the kids for Christmas… :( It looks like a great improvement!

  2. I got in on the LIX Kickstarter, which looks to be a nearly-identical product. Glad to see competition in the market. (LIX is behind schedule, though, so who knows when we’ll receive our 3D pens…)

  3. Wow! 3D printing seems no longer new to us now! Quite excited that so many 3D printing pens are popping up and I’m looking forward to see which pen is the winner, Polyes or 3Doodler!

  4. By the way, nice article, but I found an article on a even newer pen the 3Doodler has out… the PRO.
    It looks pretty awesome with a lot more features that include, 2-speed variable fan, variable extrusion speeds, LCD temperature display, portable battery-pack, a set of 6 nozzles of different shapes… and the kicker is it can extrude various materials including plastics, flexy, nylon, polycarbonate and metals such as copper and bronze (well it has parts of the metal in it for a metal finish).
    It might be an idea to do a write up of this pen?

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