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Stuck Inside? Print These 9 Practical and Playful Snow Solutions


If you live in the Northeast of the United States like I do, you’ve probably had just about enough of the snow over the past couple of weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are consequences to living in one of the greatest places in the world (New England) and one of those is winter, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to deal with. Don’t let the snow get you down, fire up your 3D printer and print out some of these creations to help you get out and make the best of all the cold white stuff!

Snow Balls

Everyone knows that when the snow falls the thinly-held-together truce between your friends, family, loved ones, and neighbors can not stand. It’s time for war, and your ammo is in abundance on the ground around you. Don’t be caught unprepared, print these molds and thrower to bring your foes to their knees.

Getting Around

Don’t let the snow trap you indoors for days. With these prints you can choose to slide for fun or keep a firm grip when you need it.

Snow RC

If you don’t feel like actually braving the cold, why not curl up in a comfy chair pulled up to a window and enjoy the outdoors with your RC car? These mods will help you extend the enjoyment of your RC gear into the winter months.

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