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Yarn Bomber Distributes Scarves To Cold People Using Snowmen

scarf-bombing-art-1Photo: Adam Cairns

A charitable yarn bomber named Beth Boring has discovered an ingenious way to distribute her hand-knitted scarves to the people who need them most. She simply goes to public parks in Columbus, Ohio, and adorns snowmen with her scarves for passers by to stumble upon and claim for themselves, should they need them.

scarf-bombing-2Photo: Adam Cairns

Along with the scarves, the snowmen have notes placed on them informing the folks who happen upon them that the scarves aren’t lost and that they’re free to take. What a clever way to make sure that warm clothing gets to the people who need them most than leaving them in a public place where people will surely be cold if they’re not already properly dressed!

[via The Columbus Dispatch]


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