A glitch, as Wikipedia currently defines it, is “a short-lived fault in a system.” In electronics, this can cause interesting patterns. It can also cause extreme frustration if your livelihood (or high score) depends on the computer that is “glitching out.” Fortunately, carpets that have this appearance are the point of Faig Ahmed’s textile-art (he also has some other interesting pieces there) and with the possible exception of some disorientation, these rugs shouldn’t cause any frustration.

Faig graduated from the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine art in Baku, and is currently working with Azerbaijani rugs, combining traditional designs with modern forms. As he puts it, he is “destroying the stereotypes of the tradition and creating new modern boundaries.”

It is definitely now what you expect out of a carpet; I had to examine this art carefully to interpret what my eyes were seeing on my computer screen. He’s toured extensively, traveling in the Middle East, Europe, and the United states, so maybe he will appear near you sometime in the future!

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This idea of combining traditional woven rugs with modern, or at least surreal elements, reminds me of this “hidden robot scarf” that I featured here last year. It doesn’t look quite as strange on first glance, but once it’s seen from the correct angle, things get a little more interesting.