curiousandcatcat_embroidered_notebook_cover_02It’s a rule: the better my notebooks, planners, and project pads look, the more likely I am to use them. And, the more I use them, the less likely my project and work schedule is to crumble into a disorganized mess, so everybody wins! Is your project pad looking less than inspiring? A stylish and modern DIY embroidered notebook cover might be right up your alley.



Like what you see? Ready to give it a try? To start, you’ll need a good, solid hardcover notebook, a bit of design inspiration, and this helpful stitchable notebook tutorial from Kathie at Curious and Catcat.

In the tutorial, a hammer and nails are used to make the holes, but, if your aim is solid and your toolbox is flush with specialty tools, you could probably get really great results with a leather punch and a hammer, which would remove the excess paper in the hole rather than simply pushing it aside. (I use leather punches for almost every project requiring a neat, clean hole—they’re so quick and versatile!)

I absolutely adore this embroidered notebook cover project, and I can’t wait to make one for myself! What will you stitch on yours?