Want a little storage space that you can pack up and take with you? Why not make yourself a handsome leather catch-all like the ones that Laura Kaesshaefer put together for Food52, which are not just practical, they’re also cheap to make!

I’ve been noticing lately that leather catch-alls are abundant in home décor stores, and with good reason: They’re equal parts useful and beautiful. Many are accompanied by a hefty price tag when, in reality, they can be made at home for about $10 each.

This tutorial demonstrates how some well placed double cap rivets can turn a flat square of leather into a functional storage space that easily stores flat when you’re not using it. Of course, this design can work for more than just leather and can be scaled up or down to meet whatever your specific storage needs might be, so go ahead and knock yourself out with a homemade catch-all of your own!