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The Tricky Science of 3D Printer Extruders

While attending the Midwest RepRap Fest this weekend, Josh Rowley and Sanjay Mortimer of E3D took a moment to explain how hot ends work and to fill the crowd in on some of the projects they are working on.

E3D’s line of hot ends have become the gold standard for RepRap printers over the past few years, especially for those looking for high temp (>250ºC) hot ends for their extruders. The team’s recently released Volcano hot end can help to speed up print times and create stronger prints by printing much larger extrusion widths out of large diameter nozzles. The duo also talked about their recently released Cyclops hot end that can print two differently colored filaments out of a single nozzle. While the video captured is not the best quality, the content of the talk is well worth watching.



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