This project transforms overhead lighting into kinetic sculptures. Studio Drift, an art and design studio in Amsterdam, has created the silken, flowery “Shylights.” When raised to the ceiling these lights are retracted in their cocoon-like container. They  descend like airborne jellyfish, filling the room with light and movement.

[vimeo 47945023 w=620]

In design, biomimetics  is synthetic design that imitates living things. Creating pieces that are inspired by nature and brought to life by technology is at the heart of Studio Drift’s philosophy. This type of sculpture imitates biology by changing shape the way natural living things do: think of the opening of flowers or the pulsing of tissue-thin jellyfish. A functional work of art, Shylights bring biomimetic movement, art, and design together into a beautiful lighting solution. However natural this movement appears, it is in fact the result of careful craftsmanship. The artists used their skills in woodworking, tailoring silk, metal crafting, and electrical design while using computers to coordinate the movement “personalities” of the individual lamps.

To see how they did it, check out this short film.

[vimeo 121668041 w=620]

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