I’ve always had a special fondness for stone sinks. If I ever built my own home, I would want to have at least one. In these two videos, YouTuber The Samurai Carpenter shows you how he built and installed a stone sink for one of his bathrooms out of a big granite rock he had in his yard.

The amazing thing is that he did the sink cutting itself in just four hours, using readily available (or easily rentable) tools. I never would have thought that this was something an average person could do, but he makes it look very doable.

For the build, he used a diamond cut-off saw (which you’d likely need to rent), a hammer drill with a chisel bit, a hammer and cold chisel, a laser level, and an angle grinder with a diamond wheel.

For the installation of the drain, he had a bit of time. He had to re-grind the bottom of the basin to make it flat enough to accept the drain and he went through several different tools trying to find the right one to grind out a lip for the drain collar to sit inside of. But he finally worked it out. In the end, he only really needed one tool, the diamond hole core bit on his drill, to sink the drain hole and create the lip around the drain to properly seat it.


One thing I really like about The Samurai Carpenter is that he’s not afraid to show you his mistakes and his learning process. He could edit all of that out, but he doesn’t.

In the comments to the installation video, lots of people point out that he really needs to seal the basin or the porosity of the rock will soon become home to lots of organics that you probably don’t want living in your sink. But that is easily done.

After watching these videos, I don’t think I’ll look at a big rock again without thinking what it would look like as a sink (or a tub) in the bathroom of my future dream house.