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This Is Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock


After the news spread today of 9th-grader Ahmed Mohamed’s arrest for inadvertently confusing his teachers with his homebrew clock, we’ve all waited eagerly to see just how much his build looked like a bomb.

Turns out, it doesn’t look much like a bomb at all. Unless of course, you’ve never seen an actual bomb (which, I’d garner, most of us haven’t).

We examined the clock photo after its release and, while we’re pleased with Ahmed’s gumption, we’re also charmed by the innocence of the build.

For starters, the case, mistakenly referred to as a briefcase by some outlets, appears to be a simple child’s pencil box (see the power plug on the right side as the “banana for scale”).

Inside it, the electronics appear less as a combination of miscellaneous parts wired together into a timepiece, and more so as simply the guts of a standard digital alarm clock. Seen are a big seven-segment display, a transformer for stepping down the line voltage, 9-volt connector for power-outage battery backup, plus the control board with buttons to set the clock, and the main board that connects all the pieces together, attached to the display by a wide ribbon cable.

Ahmed should be proud of his build. All 14-year-olds possess curiosity about taking things apart and putting them together; this is integral to learning and growing, which allows us to understand and master technology. It’s an extremely unfortunate situation that none of his teachers were able to understand the build, nor his intention to connect with them and find someone to foster his creative desires.

We hope that through today’s events, Ahmed and all children misunderstood for their embracement of technology are given deeper consideration for their endeavors. There’s a lot of discussion still ongoing — some of it about STEM, some of it about race. All of this is good; today’s a day when a child’s arrest forced many overdue conversations to happen.

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645 thoughts on “This Is Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock

  1. @Mike Senese – while i was happy to see a little bit more information on this bit of news, and the positive support for Ahmed, I find it disappointing that you have posted information that contradicts information provided in the article you link to at the beginning of this piece.

    Specifically, the other article mentions that Ahmed showed his project to the First of his teachers, who gave positive feedback.
    You have said “…It’s an extremely unfortunate situation that none of his teachers were able to understand the build, nor his intention to connect with them and find someone to foster his creative desires….”

    I just don’t feel you are representing information accurately, that is all.

    1. It’s a tough situation without any of us having been there. But the preliminary reports indicated that the first teacher (his engineering teacher) seemed to be dismissive. From the Dallas News:

      “He showed it to his engineering teacher first thing Monday morning and didn’t get quite the reaction he’d hoped for.

      ‘He was like, ‘That’s really nice,’’ Ahmed said. “‘I would advise you not to show any other teachers.’””
      With that, I’m also referencing that even with a possibly positive reaction, the teacher was not able to rectify a situation where a HS freshman was arrested — put in handcuffs and taken by the police during school. It would have been a much different day if he had been able to come to the aid of Ahmed.

      1. That response makes me think that stupid conversations revolving around him and terrorism had already taken place among the faculty. Add in that the policeman said something like “that’s who I figured”… this started long before he built a clock, methinks.

      2. I agree, and I feel there is more to this than what we are seeing right now. but i still disagree with you on what 1 teacher might have done in the situation.

        we don’t know if he did, after all the Engineering Teacher saw the unit before anyone else, is there anything to say that he didn’t speak up and say “oh that is just a clock, my student showed to me in first period”

        and is there really any evidence to say this would have made a difference to someone who has already made their mind up to put an innocent student in hand-cuffs.

    1. Yes, Jeff … all teachers have a PHD in explosives technology and SHAME on anyone who opens their mouths when they see something suspicious … shoes and underwear have been made into bombs … there is no such thing as a definitive definition of what “looks like a bomb”

        1. Once they found out it was not a bomb why keep pressing the kid to confess making a hoax bomb? If they thought it was a real bomb why didnt they evacuate the school and call the bomb squad?

    1. Some lady English teacher is not going to know that. Besides, what about thin sheets of plastic explosive?

        1. Hey, the electricity that goes to the buzzer can go to explosives added later. Like it or not, you have the components for a bomb.

          1. What components? Some wire and a plug? If someone wants to bomb a school, there are better ways of doing it than showing multiple teachers your wires and plugs. Not showing them to anyone, for instance. Or making them look like something more mundane, like a lunch box or a cell phone.

          2. You just can’t stop with the He-Man woman hating can you? You know where else you have the components to build a bomb? In the high school chemistry lab. No, not just the parts to the trigger, the chemical components for the explosive. Maybe we should outlaw chemistry in schools too? Nah, you conservatives hate science so much, you’d likely jump at the chance.

      1. Implying the teacher knows anything about explosives
        Implying the teacher knows anything about plastic explosives
        Implying the teacher can identify an explosive system

        1. The teacher doesn’t need to be a bomb expert. She rightly saw it as a suspicious bomb like device which in any AIRPORT of the world would have caused a commotion.

          The teachers did the right thing. This Ahmed character is fishy, but more likely his seemingly Islamist father put him up to it.

          1. “She rightly saw it as a suspicious bomb like device” No, she did not. She reacted out of ignorance and fear. She had nothing to suspect whatsoever.

          2. She reported it that was fine, however when the cops and the principal realized it was not a bomb it should have stopped there not trying to coerce and threaten a minor to sign a statement without his parents present.

        2. It’s a timer that works, where the connections for the buzzer can be connected to something else. Does it look like more of a bomb than a clock?

          1. Does a clock look more like a bomb than a clock? No, it looks precisely like a clock. A bomb only looks like a bomb when it is a bomb. What makes a bomb is the explosive, not the box.

      2. OK, I’ll play your game. She calls the police. Then *they* tell her it doesn’t have any explosives instead of arresting him.

        1. She didnt call the principal for 2 hours. She never thought it was a real bomb she just thought it looked like one. The police never thought it was a real bomb they tried to coerce him into admitting he had built a hoax bomb. The interrogated and arrested him without notifying his parents in violation of texas law.

      3. That makes no sense. A huge display plus a transformer for a sophisticated thin sheet of explosives would be an extremely dumb way to make a bomb.

        The thing is, with this line of thinking the school should forbid calculators, cell phones and let’s be honest, a book could contain explosives …

        I’m guessing that this particular will also call the police if some student reads The Catcher in the Rye.

        1. John Lennon might recommend your last sentence. The kid’s science teacher told him to put the clock away, it looks like a bomb.

      4. Oh, so she’s a woman! What would a woman know about anything but cooking and cleaning right? Oh, and she’s an ENGLISH teacher?! They don’t know ANYTHING about electronics. Oh wait, I’m an English teacher, too! How I ever managed to build a 3D printer is beyond me. I must have touched a four leaf clover before I started.

      1. Richard Reid’s shoes had enough space to hide explosives in. This project doesn’t. (Even then, it’s not clear his bomb would actually have been large enough to be effective if he had set it off.)

        1. Really, seems many police/bomb experts in other threads totally debunk that thought … the smallest of explosives can kill and/or maim … think fireworks accidents.

          1. Yes they can, if you’re touching them when they go off. Guess what the teachers did as soon as they found this “bomb”? They clearly knew it wasn’t actually a bomb.

          2. i don’t disagree that the teachers were probably racist asshats … i simply disagree with all the high and mighty “Experts” on here screaming “oh, it OBVIOUSLY wasn’t a bomb” as if any teacher merely SEEING this box of wires and a timer should IMMEDIATELY dismiss it as a danger.

            Had i seen this in a school, and i had no prior knowledge that a student had permission to bring it, i would have feared the worst. Sorry if that shocks some of you.

    2. Thank god it’s not you looking out for our kids.. Unbelievable how naive you are… Look at my post above yours.

    3. Why isn’t the clock in it’s case, lots of room too add explosives later, then you would be criticizing the teacher for being so dumb to not realize that.

    4. A teacher with some knowledge would have known that. I’m assuming the teacher doesn’t know what a transformer does or what it looks like …

  2. Lets be realistic. The kid plugged this in and it started to make noise. An english teacher probably doesn’t know what anything shown here is. When questioned, the student was vague and didn’t explain anything. I have to wonder, just a bit, if this was a ‘stunt’ designed to make news. The schools have every right to question ‘devices’ that you bring into the school. You know what they are up against these days. They don’t know what the next ‘threat’ will look like. How many people have actually seen a bomb. I get why the school was concerned. Maybe they didn’t handle it that well, but it sounds like the student didn’t handle it real well either.

    1. How vague is “it’s a clock”? Besides it was a project for one of his classes. It was homework. They had him arrested, and then once exonerated, they suspended him instead of apologizing. Then the school board sent out a memo commending them go doing such a great job punishing him for doing what his shop teacher told him to do.

        1. Homework you can plug into the wall and get a nasty shock from? Maybe spill some soda on it? If it was a small clock using a small battery for the power source I might buy that.

      1. Homework that can giver you a very nasty shock? or cause a fire burning down the house? Highly unlikely.

      1. That’s the whole point. It’s supposed to be vaguely bomb-esque, something that could be mistaken for a bomb. While it is inherently innocent, it was definitely a stunt. It looks like something an adult put together, but made to look like something a kid made.

    2. See something. Say something.
      Isn’t that what we’re conditioned to do?
      Looks like a bomb to me.
      It’s not even a built clock. Just clock guts wired back together.
      And the alarm was set for 9:11! The school did not overreact. Cue CAIR to come in and sue for the quick buck, which was probably the intention all along. Kid probably didn’t even put it together, looking at the mis-spelling in his tweets.

      1. Was the alarm really set to 9:11? If that’s true, then my theory is now fact. Please cite your source. I find it hard to believe.

      2. Your contradicting implications prove you are not qualified to discern the difference between a bomb and a clock.

        Does not look like a bomb, and the alarm was not set to 9:11

        P.S: That profile picture though smh

    3. The student was vague and couldn’t explain anything because he didn’t make it. He didn’t understand how it worked. He was set up to be an Islamophobia martyr by his politician father.

    4. It was a stunt. Designed by his dad. The thing looks like a fucking briefcase bomb (a real thing). It was a way to generate more racial division at a time when 10,000 sleeper cells are coming to America. Once again, the idiots on the left bought it hook likn and sinker.

        1. It’s easy how I came up with it, the president announced he’s accepting 10,000 invaders. You know, who won’t assimilate, will take welfare and hate America.

    5. The teacher *knew* it wasn’t a bomb. She didn’t call the bomb squad or have the school evacuated. She didn’t even call the cops or take the clock away from him until an hour after she noticed it! She was just smoking out a kid because she could.

  3. It may not be a bomb, but please folks, let’s not encourage the danger and carelessness surrounding taking apart an alarm clock and plugging it into the wall.

        1. Or any site were the whole point isn’t teaching people that it is good to take things apart and turn them into something new. This is where you don’t just take the clock apart and plug it in, you turn it into whatever you can imagine.

  4. Public Schools invest in Infrastructure, I doubt serious investment go into to training the teachers and keeping them up to date with ever changing technology. Attracting and retaining talented, motivated and curious teachers who can understand and inspire young minds is mostly ignored and School Districts are governed by out of touch Bureaucrats and not driven by STEAM enthusiasts. How many Public School officials and teachers go for updating their skills and participate in TED Talk and other public events to inspire young minds and be a role model, guide and mentor.

  5. This does look like it “could’ be a bomb. This very obviously resembles what one would or could look like. This teacher did the right thing. What if it had of been a bomb and the teacher said nothing to anyone and it blew up? Little bit too late then don’t you think? In light of recent and tragic things that have happened in our school how in the world could any sane person not take the same actions the school administrators and police officers took here? It wouldn’t matter to me who had this contraption or where they had it I would call 911 immediately and would run for cover.

    1. …have you ever seen ANY of the devices by REAL bomb makers…other than on television? Probably NOT, so you’re “imagining” what it “would or could” LOOK LIKE…? This had less to do with this being a PENCIL BOX DIY CLOCK PROJECT and MORE to do with the FACT a MUSLIM KID had possession of it. Just say THAT’S why you would have called instead of lying to yourself saying this looks like any bomb you have EVER probably seen in real life.

    2. There’s nothing ever-changing about this technology. It’s the same stuff any kid with reasonable working curiosity saw inside an alarm clock in the past 30 years.

    3. Jeff you an people like you are the reason why the US is no longer great. This looks nothing like a bomb. And I am sorry but anyone who had anything to do with this child’s arrest needs to be fired from their jobs!

    4. You’ve seen to many movies, where bombs need to beep and show when they’ll explode for dramatic reasons. Real bombs don’t need to show that at all.

        1. Yeah, it’s almost like a suitcase bomb – the only thing that it lacks is the “suitcase” part and the “bomb” part. It’s hard to see from the photo because it lacks size cues, but if you look closely that case is tiny, the size of a small pencil tin not a suitcase.

    5. Jeff, I do have to point out that at one point you say ” This teacher did the right thing.”, but later say “It wouldn’t matter to me who had this contraption or where they had it I would call 911 immediately and would run for cover.”

      I’m confused.

    6. No, she really didn’t do the right thing. The teacher *knew* it wasn’t a bomb. She didn’t call the bomb squad or have the school evacuated. She didn’t even call the cops or take the clock away from him until an hour after she noticed it!

      1. Whether the teacher knew it was fake or not is irrelevant to Zero Tolerance. Does a teacher have to believe a pop tart can fire real bullets in order to suspend a student? Apparently not..

        1. The teacher confiscated it and held on to it for 2 hours. She didnt think it was a real bomb. The police didnt think it was a bomb, they didnt call the bomb squad or evacuate the school.

          1. Ok, then maybe they thought he was being a manipulative little Sh—t like he is and pulling a hoax- a potentially dangerous hoax, like crying “fire” in the middle of a theater. Either way…

  6. I don’t think it looks like a bomb, but I also equally don’t think it looks like a clock.

    I do believe the school was correct in asking a few questions (seriously we can’t be too careful these days after the many Columbine copycats in recent years), BUT then they completely and absolutely overreacted. Even after it was clear they overreacted (as did the police), they couldn’t apologize. Just dug a deeper hole.

    I love the positive attention that Ahmed is now getting. Kids need to be encouraged to be inventors, scientists, creative arts types. Schools need to be practical and level-headed in the face of something unknown, and rise above fear and stereotypes.

  7. RE: Ahmed’s completely innocent homemade clock.

    When I first heard about Ahmed, the kid who made the news for his “bomb” clock project, I took his side. I played with discrete electronics as a kid. I built breadboards, I soldered, and I experimented with early robotics… In this STEM obsessed educational system, why couldn’t the school officials quickly dismiss this scare as a science project? Why did this make the news? I just didn’t get it… and then I saw a picture of the clock.

    From CNN: “A teenager with dreams of becoming an engineer, he wanted to show his teacher the digital clock he’d made from a pencil case.”

    Anyone with an understanding of electronics will immediately see this “homemade clock” is not the tinkering of a child or teen. It was never Ahmed’s idea to begin with. This isn’t some innocent science project. The picture of the clock exposes the lie. Ahmed did not lovingly patch together IC chips and resistors, as the media would like you to believe. What you see is the guts from a manufactured digital clock, right down to the 9 volt memory backup, and the prefab button board. Absolutely nothing was made. It’s the equivalent of taking the plastic surround off of your TV and claiming you “made” a TV.

    Look at the case itself. CNN calls it a “pencil case.” Please. The whole package is vaguely sinister, and it’s intentional. Notice the nondescript packet of unidentified white powder. See that nice dent in the side? I wonder if you could stash plastic explosives behind that huge LED. Why is the lining so bumpy? Look at the shoddy taping and the twisted wire used to close the case. It’s almost as if someone designed this clock to look like a questionable object.

    Again, from CNN: “”I built a clock to impress my teacher but when I showed it to her, she thought it was a threat to her,” Ahmed told reporters Wednesday.” It was really sad that she took the wrong impression of it.””

    Ahmed, you didn’t build a clock. You’re a pawn to your Dad’s political and social agenda. This is all a creation of your father. I’m sure he involved you in the process, and made you feel as though you were truly making something, but you didn’t. It’s a clock without its case. Everything in the “pencil case” was made in a factory. See, a legitimate electronics project full of diodes and resistors looks innocent. It usually runs off of a battery, not an exposed AC to DC transformer… speaking of science projects, Ahmed, why again did you bring this to class? Was it part of an assignment? Oh, you just wanted to impress your teacher with a clock you rearranged inside a small briefcase? Hmm…

    From ““He fixed my phone, my car, my computer,” Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed said. “He is a very smart, brilliant kid.”

    If he were so smart, he’d know the difference between creating a circuit and stripping the guts from a manufactured clock. His dad helped him “make” this, and dad helped to make this “project” look as questionable as possible, within the realm of plausible deniability.

    The dad is a politician. He made this happen. Whatever agenda he’s advancing, it just further demonizes western society, and reminds us all to be guilty for how racist we all are. Maybe that’s the agenda.

    It’s propaganda.

      1. Just look at it. The solders are all factory solders. No kid can work an iron that well. Also, what kid lucks into random boards and ribbon cable that just happen to work together. It’s nonsense. Everything you see was sold as one functioning clock, without question.

          1. There are some very good examples of kids that build VERY nice devices on instructables. Tunacrab can’t imagine anyone being better than him. i think the claim of jellousy might be right.

        1. YES. So? He broke down a clock and used it to kludge something together for fun. Just like almost every kid ever.

        2. I soldered quite well as an 8 year old kid (close to perfect), and this kid is 14. Soldering is easy. It’s not some skill that needs years of training. It can be learned in 15 minutes.

          (Just a short explanation: if necessary clean the tip of your iron with some solder tinner, apply some flux to make the solder flow better, hold the solder against the soldering iron until a small drop forms, and hold the drop against the thing you’re soldering. The solder will ‘flow’ if it’s hot enough and shape itself. It’s as easy as that.)

          Secondly, I often state that I ‘build’ my computers, that doesn’t mean that I make the CPU or solder stuff together.

        3. Um, his father owns the computer repair shop among the many businesses he owns. I’m sure he has a lot of access to circuit boards and ribbon that.

        4. It’s astounding how many people cannot see this for what it is. A bunch of guilt ridden brainwashed koolaid drinking products of the “everyone gets a trophy” crowd. A correction is coming, and it won’t be pretty.

      2. You can tell it’s manufactured clock components by the rubber insulator lock on the AC cord. Manufacturers add this to the power cord to lock it to the housing to keep the cord from rubbing and fraying.

        What blows my mind is that Zuckerburg, the White House, and now an MIT professor can’t see it for what it is. Or are willingly ignoring what it is out of political correctness. There is nothing “brilliant” or innovative about what the kid did here. If this kid “made” a clock, then Sid from Toy Story was a misunderstood toy maker.

        1. So? It’s a kid experimenting with an existing clock. What’s the problem? Who didn’t take clocks apart and cobble odd things together when they were kids?

          Hs’s not inspiring – he’s just a typical nerd kid. They arrested him for it.

          1. “Who didn’t take clocks apart and cobble odd things together when they were kids?”

            I think this line of thinking is the problem. School today isn’t anything like when we were kids. All of you sympathizing with this kid are relating to him from your own childhood. Your childhood is ancient history in the age of Zero Tolerance. This kid knew better.

          2. he knew better than to be creative and use he mind to do something other than play video games and watch television. Your right kick his A$$ for building something who the heck does he think he is.

          3. my nephew took apart the television in his room at 12 and put it together. That is inspiring to me – my mom was thrilled but she didn’t call the police. That is why American kids are so stupid now

        2. Seriously . . . the insulator or lock is also known as a strain relief in some electronic equipment and they sell them through electronic manufactures and electronic stores. I buy them in all shapes and sizes all the time. And in fact the speciality plugs that I buy for work actually come with extra.

          1. Except that the kid didn’t add this insulator and it’s not even mounted in order to be effective. It’s inside the box while the closed lid appears to have smashed the power cord. Not very intelligent for a genius. Serious shock hazard.

          2. I don’t think he’s a genius. I think he is a kid who wanted to show off or maybe he wanted to freak someone out and get attention. My guess is the former rather than the latter. The only definite thing is this shouldn’t be national news and he shouldn’t have been arrested.

          3. could he be a kid that likes to put things together and show what he did? I don’t know just maybe, could he be a good kid just maybe?

          4. He’s a kid. Good kids want to show off too that certainly does not make them bad. I am not saying he is a bad kid. He’s probably not a bad kid. Is there a possibility he had something less innocent in mind than a clock? Yes but only because we aren’t actually in his head and no one hear has actually spoken to him to try and make a more personal judgement call. He could be an amazing kid and I really hope he is.

          5. Hey Genius, he is a kid that likes to build things and you are an adult putting down a kid, now who is the stupid one.

        3. I’ve taken apart a ton of electronics and I’ve often left little bits attached when it would be more trouble than it’s worth to remove them. Your cord evidence proves nothing. Yet I’ll still allow that perhaps he just took a clock apart and put it in a new box. What’s wrong with that? Did you not see the other components he has mixed together in the video? He had some contraption that used a ton of IDE cabling as his wires. I’ve done that. I’ve done that recently. So what?

          You think the possible desiccant package looks like an explosive stand-in? They usually say things like “moisture absorbent, do not eat.” Oh wait, I bet he would have used that to hide the real explosives, right? While leaving a big ass clock on the front.

      1. Share it. Make it known. The more I read about this, the more I look at these staged photos of Ahmed with random circuit board junk in the background, the more obvious it becomes. Poor kid.

    1. No. You’re completely off here. High school students do make projects like these (with the amount of knowledge they have). Steve Wozniak made a monotone in high school and was arrested. No agenda there. I don’t think there’s an agenda, maybe a misunderstanding, or maybe over paranoia.

      1. Wozniak made a metronome, removed the labels from the batteries, admitted himself it could be mistaken for a bomb, and set it in his locker to tick faster when the door was opened… And he made it himself. Not comparable.

        Ahmed and his father rearranged a clock inside a new housing and deliberately made it looks questionable enough so that some stupid teacher might think the little brown boy has a bomb. It’s all made up for the media and PC narrative. Open your eyes man.

        1. HA! I had to look that one up. I knew a kid back in the ’80s that used to do what he called ‘brain scans’ on old Apple computers. he found a way to set the distance dot matrix printers would advance the paper for each line feed. Then he figured out that he could enter a negative number. So he set every computer in the computer classroom to feed paper backwards. They just about arrested him for ‘destruction of property’ until he demonstrated that all you had to do was turn the printer off and back on to reset it to factory defaults. The computer teacher looked like a fool, which he was.

        2. My eyes are open and I can’t seem to find your evidence that it was his father that made it.

          This is not about Political Correctness. You have a 14-year American citizen that was interrogated by the police without a lawyer and without his guardians present.

        3. The thing is: it doesn’t look questionable. I don’t see anything that resembles an explosive. I see a small transformer, a circuitry board and a large display.

          I don’t know what exactly happened, but the teachers do seem to come across as incompetent. The police did investigate and the kid or his parents aren’t going to be prosecuted, it’s definitely seems to be a storm in a teacup.

        1. What phrase? Race card? That’s exactly what is happening here, but to try to expose this hoax for what it is makes us racists?? What is your agenda, “Circuit Ben?”

          (You’d think someone who calls himself “Circuit Ben” would know the difference between a manufactured clock and a science project.)

          1. When I was at high-school, I couldn’t wire up a transformer to convert AC to DC, figuring out how to use the diode ring, checking it was all safe to use. THIS is the exercise here, he’s a clever chap, if you weren’t so bust decrying everyone else for not knowing anything, you might have seen the massive hole in your theory.

          2. What is my agenda? Trying to get through life without ending up in the same bars as the hicks on the comment thread I think.

          3. I hear yah man. Hicks even on Make. On Make! The audience is supposed to be smart here goddammit. Seems like knowing about electronics doesn’t make you a better person. An asshole is an asshole at heart. Geez.

          4. again go in your bathroom hang up Ahmed picture and do what comes natural to you. Racist Stinking Stupid Arse wipe!

      1. what are you talking about crazy, when did he lie and when did HE play the race card? Your racist stupid stinking rottem jerk kiss Ahmed’s Arse and go F$%^ yourself.

    2. Even if you’re right about it being a manufactured clock, how does that translate to “the father did it, not the kid”?

      1. First, I am right about it being a manufactured clock, no question. It’s a mass produced clock outside of its housing. It translates to involvement on the father because of the huge and immediate media storm, and exactly WHO his father is. Anyone with electronics knowledge can see Ahmed did not make anything, yet the media keeps telling us how brilliant this kid is, and how he “made” or “invented” something. It stinks. Look up his father. Read more on this story. It will start to make sense.

        1. why do you care so much – maybe you should start building things or get a hobby or a mate because you seems to have a woody for this litle boy, are you a freak? Do you want to put him over your knee and spank him? Let us know why you have to be right about this? Why does that mean so much to you? Is it because you are jelly, or do you hate Muslims, do you hate kids, do you hate inventors – what the frick is causing your woody?

        2. No, none of the stories I read have the media saying he invented something. The word invented is what Ahmed used. Do you not realize that English is not his first language? He came to the US when he was seven. Perhaps his use of the word invented is rather unique.

    3. Why is it easier for you to believe that a man is using his child for “political” (Come off it, Islam isn’t a political party) purposes, putting him in danger, than it is for you to believe that a high school in Texas is run by idiots? I know why, you know why, neither of us saying it though are we? I bet there’s no problem finding ghost costumes for halloween in your house is there?

      1. It is part to politics to the same extent as fundamental christianity is. Both try to institute their own political agenda in society, such as banning evolution from being taught in schools, or instituting shariah law.

          1. Your comment’s content is zero. Why don’t you just call him a racist too, that always gets the job done when your PC narrative flounders.

          2. Nobody tries to institute Shariah Law, Shariah law is a concept of internal refusal of temptation, it has nothing to do with actual legislation or anybody other than yourself. If you knew the first thing about the religion that you insult, you would prove that you were different than the deluded extremists that you think represent it, but you aren’t different, you are exactly the same kind of stupid.

          3. Look at Malaysia for example, or middle east in general. They are trying to turn societies into theocracies just as much as the American bible thumpers would love to see state and religion combined again.

          4. Try and tell that to the Europeans who are faced with constant riots and protests by Muslims living there, holding signs that they WANT Shariah law in Britain, Sweden and everywhere else they have migrated to. By 2050 they may get their wish since the Muslim birth rates are at least twice as high as that of Europeans. By then most of Europe will be under Islamic control.

          5. Stop being jealous and admit it that the teacher , principal and cops were incompetent to have blown the whole situation out of proportion.

      2. Islam isn’t a political party, but the Sudanese Reform party is, who’s ticket this boy’s father ran under in last years Sudan presidential election. Sudan, along with Iraq and Syria are the only 3 countries on the DOS list of state sponsors of terrorism.
        Boys dad is a media-whore and it’s blatantly obviously to anyone with half a brain his father put him up to this crazy stunt the following school day after 9/11. It would have scared the living *** out of anyone, the stunt wasn’t innocent or funny at all.

        1. It wouldn’t have scared me at all. Then again, I’m a maker. Who the hell are you to be on this site?

          1. someone posted a link to the Tunacrab comment, his comment was posted on a bunch of sites. Sorry for not introducing myself. Peace .

          2. Your telling visitors to a website that is paid by visit; to not visit. Who are you to be on this site? Or on the internet at all? What kinda Nazi would want to get on the web of information anyways? Don’t you have a book burning to be at or some Bernie Sanders Occupy riot where your supposed to be throwing rocks?

          3. This website makes far more money by repeat visitors like myself than by one offs with a crusade like yourself. This is a place that I frequent. I don’t come to your church and start handing out condoms, don’t come to my haven of education and logical thinking and start passing out hate.

          4. Unreal, you truly believe that Makezine doesn’t write articles with the hope that one of them goes viral? Websites, news aggregators, etc love the views bump that a viral article gives them. If a viral article brings in 10,000 unique views, some will stay behind and become like you, “elite Makezine makers”. Don’t forget, you were once new to this site as well. I’m sure that you stayed around because of how closed mindedminded and unwelcoming the long time viewers were, right?

          5. A “Maker” oh well, so I defer to your most excellent opinion. Ha ha ha. So sorry you’ve jumped on the wrong bandwagon.

        2. It apparently didn’t scare people at all. No bomb squad was called, the school was not evacuated, no firefighters showed up on scene.
          If they were scared of even the possibility of this being a bomb, they would have handled this very, very differently.

          1. If someone opened this exact device on a NYC subway, and there was beeping and a timer, it would have been mass hysteria. That is what I meant.
            As for your other ramblings, that isn’t the point. It was an obvious hoax that the nutjob father put him up to. He needs to be punished. He still has no explanation why it was beeping. His engineering teacher specifically told him not to show it to any other teachers.

          2. True, that is why it was treated as a Hoax bomb. They have suspended kids for much less, like kids bringing tiny G.I. Joe guns to school that clearly pose no threat (all one piece molded plastic, no moving parts).

          3. It did scare people. There’s two parts here. The first part is some people reacting, thinking he had a bomb. The second part is the other side who came in and saw he didn’t have a bomb, but believed his intention was to carry out a bomb hoax. The bomb squad was never called because of group 2, but that doesn’t mean group 1 wasn’t at least worried.

          1. Yeah, you got me. Ignore the fact his dad aspires to be the president of a country that still crucifies people under a ticket that supports it.

        3. Not to mention that the day before there WAS a bomb scare at a school in nearby Plano, TX. Yet with this knowledge, and you can’t tell me he didn’t know about it, he still brought this bomb-looking clock to school? He is either extremely stupid or his family had an agenda. I don’t think the kid is stupid.

        1. It is indeed very political, but it also includes lots of mumbo-jumbo about god, souls, afterlives and such.

      3. Because nothing adds up. You’re obviously not intelligent enough to see through the ruse, or defend your position using logic, so you go for the easy cry of racism…

        It wasn’t an assignment, it looked like someone tried to make a kid’s version of a movie suitcase bomb. Everyone keeps going on about what a genius this kid is, but he couldn’t explain the clock, or why it started making noise in class? And let’s be honest here, it is, without question, the guts of an off the shelf clock. Please remember the kid is supposedly smart enough to fix cars and computers, why is nobody questioning the fact that he made nothing. The more recent pictures in the media are obviously staged, complete with random incomparable circuit board junk wired together in the background. Even the kid’s computer screen is showing, you guessed it, more pictures of circuit boards… You’d think he’d maybe be looking up schematics or something, but no, this little engineer he gets his inspiration for his 100% real and homemade projects by looking at other unrelated circuit boards. They were so lazy about it they couldn’t even obscure what is clearly google image search results.

        Open your eyes.

        A project clock should look mor elike this, by the way:

        By the way, Islam is a complete and 100% way of life. Have you heard of Sharia law? Let’s not forget that the father ran for the Sudanese reform party.

          1. I should start this by saying that I am a theatrical electrician and props master. This means I take apart and put together a lot of really odd items including fake bombs, that look pretty damn real. The kid is not a genius of technology but he is curious and considering some of the kids I have taught . . . I’m in for curiousity.

            And ok I can see part of your reasoning. Someone who is paranoid might take his creation the wrong way and not someone I am giving a lot of credit for critical thinking by the way. It’s definitely odd looking. And the case is not something I would expect a current teenager to have considering similar ones were much more popular ten-fifteen years ago.

            The case is also most likely not a “pencil case” or a “briefcase” or a “suitcase”. It likely started life for storing either CDs or some small electronic device like headphones or a microphone. We use similar cases, though normally larger, in the theatre all the time.

            Speaking of things I use in the theatre all of those parts everyone here keeps referring to as factory manufactured . . . You can buy most of them at a hardware or electronics store. Definitely on Amazon if you had to. Hell, I have pulled them off or reused cables from other devices. Also having experience with both PCB soldering, silver soldering, and welding how can you even tell the quality or skill of those joints. The picture is grainy as hell. Those could be resoldered at home and you couldn’t tell one way or the other if he had any practice soldering. If you have turned up a better one please send it to me.

            Next tell me why he or his father as you propose took the time to include an AC cord and transformer and then left the device with no battery which even if it had been removed by the police should have been included next to the clock for pictures.

            Finally the little white desiccant packet! You know some of us keep those for their intended purposes. Keeping moisture out.

            You could have found a similar pile of crap I had disassembled and reconfigured in my house as a kid. My parents were always losing old electronics to my curiosity. Including the random pile of pieces at his desk. If he was in his 20s I would be more likely to think it was staged for the publicity but he is 14 and just trying to show off. He’s a kid.

            And if at the worst he lied and stuck the parts to a clock in a case with no other modification this still shouldn’t have blown up the way it did. D- for being a completely upstanding citizen who never lies. (For those of us living in reality I am not suggesting he is a bad kid. Just that he wanted to show off what he did.) As another commenter said the school didn’t evacuate and my high school used to just because someone had made a threat on camera from the cafeteria pay phone. They could not have been that worried.

            And kids fix things for their parents and family all the time. Normally it is not hard to fix there is just usually a technology gap in the older folks understanding and it is something they do not understand how to setup or use.

            After writing the short essay above I did come up with one fairly unsavory opinion though nothing I have been reading would indicate this. A poorly planned and executed gag threat. I could totally see a teenager thinking that a good way to get back at someone would be to threaten them with something that could be misconstrued as a bomb. But that is the worst case scenario I can come up with.

            Occam’s razor says that the simplest solution is most likely one and your convoluted one makes a lot of assumptions.

          2. and I don’t think this kid was trying to do anything bad, not everyone is bad. Not everyone is up to something and sometimes a kid is a kid and a clock is a clock.

          3. Fine, but a “kid being a kid with a clock being a clock” doesn’t get an invite to the White House. There are individuals on both sides creating hysteria where none needs to be.

          4. Only one small disagreement with your well expressed opinion – the case is a Vaultz Locking Pencil Box, $8.29 at Walmart.

          5. Ahh, well the last time I shopped Walmart for anything but an absolute emergency was several years ago. Thanks!

          6. you say you, “could totally see a teenager thinking that a good way to get back at someone would be to threaten them with something that could be misconstrued as a bomb.” can you not also see a media-whore, activist father orchestrating the ruse for a quick payday

        1. “Because nothing adds up…” Except the most obvious explanation. He’s a kid, and made a kooky build out of an old clock. Occam’s razor, sport.

          1. I could accept the obvious explanation it if it were some other kid… but his politician father makes it much more difficult, with all of the other little things. Nope. Propaganda.

          2. and now zukerburg and nasa and MIT are marvelling at this amazing “invention”- God knows which part of the
            “invention” perplexed them, and even more amazing/curious is the fact that obama has invited them to the white house, possibly the worst staged P.R stunt in history,
            true they’ll get away with pretending they’re over-protective in guarding against “terrorism’ (google wtc 7), true the father will get a wonderful news reception in sudan, true they’ll show they were wrong this time around and sorry for it to the extent that they’re rejoicing that isn’t a “terrorist” (one of the bad guys as opposed to the good guys from the white house),
            the sad art is that the kid reminds me of Abdurahman al Awlaki – the sixteen year old they ” murdered then “miastakenly” claimed was 21.
            thisreminds me of the sugar price protests out of orwell’s 1984.
            and TUNACRAB reminds me of the kid who pointed out that the emperor’s new clothes just weren’t there.

            peace to those who follow the guidance of Almighty God,

          3. “So now zukerburg and NASA and MIT are marvelling at this amazing “invention”…

            Nope. Those are your words. Zukerburg, NASA and MIT said explicitly that they want to support and foster skill and ambition in the face of an overreactive system.

            None of them said anything about “marveling at his amazing invention”. Big difference.

          4. then give him a nobel prize for making a hollywood/a-team timepiece like you gave obama one for peace.

            and give bin ladin an award like a championship belt that reads “(wtc)”7 seven at no blow”.

            and give the guy who made the manhattan passport another for synthesizing paper that withstands way over the tolerance of a plane’s black box.

            and while your at it, give atta the mastermind who evaded all apparatus another for trying to take his incriminating will ontoa plane which he was about to fly into a building.
            only found due to delayeg
            and why not stop also to applaud the dudes who decided to hijack some planes and make some stunning maneuvers choosing to cunningly to board the planes by faking none other than the passports of pilots still alive in the middle east.
            that makes a nice close and shut story for the salivating zombies of 1984.

          5. I’m sure there are a ton of websites where you can join a conservative circle-jerk. This isn’t one of them. Kindly move along.

          6. There are ton of web sites where you can sit around and moan that Muslims are being falsely profiled. This article has taken the tone of the apologist for the bomb threat that this kid pulled. If you can’t handle that not everyone is as brain dead as you seem to be then you don’t deserve to be here. This is a discussion of what he made, and why he made it.

          7. It’s not about the kid. It’s about people being scared. There is a tendency where fear is becoming stifling. Technology is scary, Islam is scary, children are scary…

            The education system should be filled with optimism and curiosity, not fear.

          8. Sudan is on the DOS list of state sponsors of terrorism. Not that it makes him a sympathizer, but the father is a very well known media whore. He bought the press pizza on his front lawn. This was his idea, not the 9th grader who should have been smart enough to recognize it resembled a bomb. What kind of application is there for a digital timer in a box, other than a bomb?

          9. He DID know it resembled a bomb, that’s why in the video he himself says he didn’t lock the case but put a wire around it “so it wouldn’t look like a threat”. His own words! He knew full well what it looked like and he got exactly the reaction he wanted. Now his family can sue the school district and the police for racial and religious discrimination. CAIR is already involved. Well played.

          10. Yep, some people never learn until they get snackbared… now it’ll be raciss not to get blown up by this new precedent. Joseph Previtera was arrested for protesting with a couple wires on his fingers and was never invited to meet the president, and he was even protesting the treatment of the snackbars in Abu Garib.

          11. So he trolled them and they took it, hook, line and sinker, being exactly the kind of idiots he wanted to prove they are. I’d say good work.

          12. Good work in what? What part of ‘see something say something’ do you not get? So…say it was a bomb, not too hard to imagine in today’s political atmosphere…would the teachers have been fools for NOT having him arrested?

          13. Step 1: ask the kid what it is. Step 2: Why did you bring it? (“to show [teacher name] and ask his feedback”) Step 3: ask said teacher. (“No, it’s not a bomb, first off it has no explosive charge.”) Time taken: 10% of what waiting for the police took. Backslash: zero. Disruption of school operation: 1% of what happened. Risk increase: about zero.

          14. Was it a school assignment? No. Why did it go off in English class then? Look for even a split second and you’ll see that the boards aren’t home made, unless he has some sophisticated board making equipment, and I’m guessing he doesn’t. They cost thousands of dollars. All he did was take a commercially available digital clock and take the guts out and stuff it into a brief case, that actually does look like a suitcase bomb. He wan’ts feedback from a teacher? The teacher said to him don’t show it to anyone, because it looks like a bomb. So what does dumbazz do? He sets it off in English class.

            His dad is a local politician who’s advocating for a separate court for Muslims. Aka Sharia law, in Texas. He’s trying to come up with an example of how Muslims are being mistreated. CAIR is on the scene as we speak in the town where it happened. The white house chimed in VERY quickly to boot. What does that tell you? This is a coordinated publicity stunt.

            Again, if the bomb had gone off, then what?

          15. If it was a bomb, the teachers would have been fools for not evacuating the school and calling the bomb squad. Neither of which they did.

          16. Which is exactly why you evacuate and call in the experts. If the clock actually had been a disguised IED, then the teacher would have been grossly negligent for handling it as she did.

          17. I hope so too. In a normal country, if a problem can be resolved by asking three pretty obvious plain questions, people resolve the problem by asking these three obvious questions. In USA people prefer to assume the worst and apologize later. BTW, found any WMD in Iraq yet? And did you apologize to them for invading?

          18. I did. Scrap leftovers from Iraq-Iran war, mostly degraded beyond use and not fit for military usage. Not exactly mobile factories and nukes as depicted by Bush propaganda.

          19. ask the people being affected in the region now if the wmd are propaganda or a real lethal threat.

            Or does that not fit your narrative.

          20. Actually they did find WMD and the old Baathists working with the daesh have used them. Try to keep up with facts and not just your own agenda.

          21. “What kind of application is there for a digital clock in a box, other than a timer for a bomb?”
            If you ever built ANY homemade electronic device you would know the HARDEST thing is not the soldering or trimming/stripping wires, it’s figuring out how to contain the thing.So it doesn’t short out or fall over.a little case with non conductive surfaces inside is PERFECT for something like this if you want to get done quickly.You can close it and protect it for transport and open it up and it works and sits fine.

          22. Pretty much every digital clock is in a box. A clock radio is a digital clock plus a radio in a box. A cell phone is a telephone and a digital clock in a box. A PC is among other things a clock and a PC is a box with electronics inside.

          23. That’s kinda what I was thinking. The LED is mounted to the case, and the case seems to be the box for the inner workings.

          24. why does everyone keep pretending this kid built the damn thing, he built fuck all. all he did was gut a clock and stick the guts in the damn case. there was nothing creative or ingenious about it whatsoever… except for maybe the ruse cooked up by his daddy

          25. He didn’t solder anything and yes I did build things when I was younger, but I never brought anything to school unless it was assigned, and it never looked like a timer for a bomb. The kid even said he threw the thing together in 20 minutes on Sunday night, and after showing his engineering teacher was told NOT to show any other teachers out of fear they might think it’s a bomb. Yet it starting beeping in the middle of his English class.

          26. It’s obvious that he didn’t build it. It’s the guts of a manufactured clock, taken out and put into a bomb like brief case.

          27. Funny you should mention that. If you look at where he placed the transformer from the digital clock he took apart and stuffed into a brief case, it’s an easy place to make an arch, or a spark.

            Even if it’s not a bomb, it’s clearly not safe to plug in.

          28. What kind of application is there for a digital clock in a box, other than a timer for a bomb?

            …Why on earth would you put a digital display on your bomb timer? Bombs aren’t exactly meant to have friendly UIs. What, do you think real terrorists care about heightening the audience’s tension as the dashing hero disarms the bomb with only 0:07 remaining?

          29. So what is that he’s also a sharia law activist in Texas. And, apparently he’s in touch with the whitehouse.

          30. So, you just admitted that you are judging this kid based upon political/racial/religious lines rather than judging him on his own merits. You really are an advanced COMMUNIST masquerading as an AMERICAN. Intelligent folks are seeing right through your pathetic attempt at projection.

          31. The difference is that Woz was pranking someone, and Ahmed wasn’t pretending it was anything other than a clock. Seriously, there is a significant difference.

          32. So if he were white, you could accept it, but because he is brown you have a problem. Well the truth comes out doesn’t it.

          33. I’m not sure how your comment relates to my comment, but in my effort to figure it out, I learned of a new example of the police using trumped up charges to try and control people they don’t like, so thank you for that. Joseph Previtera has had all charges against him dropped. I found it interesting that Joseph was protesting Abu Ghraib and it was clear to many people, except the police. My what a recurring theme. You’d think the police are incapable of understanding anything.

            “But those snaky cords made the costume’s import clear: Previtera was a dead ringer for one of Abu Ghraib’s Iraqi prisoners–specifically, the faceless man who’d allegedly been forced to balance on a cardboard box lest he be electrocuted.”

            So the police came along and based SOLELY on wires, charged him with a “hoax bomb.” This is starting to sound familiar.

            Now, why didn’t the president meet this guy? Probably because the President promised to close Guantanamo, stop torture, and several other things that he never did and would like to distance himself from. A child arrested on trumped up charges while trying to learn the very thing we are falling so far behind in? Great opportunity for the president to earn some lib cred. Blame the President for being an opportunist, but don’t accuse Ahmed of being a terrorist.

          34. Seems like the police are simply following proper procedures, while you want us to believe that muslims experimenting with making bombs somehow should be seen as something we have to get used to in the new America. Additionally, wires clutched in a guys hands who’s only wearing a sheet is quite a bit different than something that looks like a suitcase bomb, especially when brought into class and the teachers have a duty to protect the other children. What happens the next time when it really is a bomb and nobody does anything because now it’s rayciss to question brown people with electronics inside pencil cases?

          35. “What happens next time when it really is a bomb…”?

            The same could be said for any object. Theoretically a piece of fruit can contain a bomb. Let’s not start calling the police every time a kid brings a piece of fruit to school.

          36. We’re not talking about fruit, we’re talking about devices which appear to be bombs to normal thinking people who want to keep everybody safe.

            26 May 2015

            Two 18-year-old girls charged with bomb hoax felonies for putting ALARM CLOCKS in an empty locker as their senior prank

            Read more:

          37. Ahmed, after a tough investigation by the police isn’t charged. That should tell you something.

            And the ‘dangerous’ looking box is sold by Walmart as a pencil case. The kind of case that kids might take to school.

            The most obvious clue that this isn’t a bomb is that there are no explosives in the case.

            And since most electronics are in a case, everybody with a smartphone or a laptop is a potential suspect.

            If the school has information that makes their reaction understandable, they should disclose that information.

            This should be possible without concerns over the kid’s ‘privacy’.

          38. You made a really asinine statement that because there were no explosives in it that it wasn’t a *bomb*. It could easily be finished into the bomb that it was designed to be in minutes.

            But in your asinine flavor of logic, I suppose if you took the explosives out of a commercially made ordinance that our military buys and uses in war, then it wouldn’t be a bomb! How utterly dumb you truly are!

          39. “Ahmed of being a terrorist.”

            If he didn’t take apart a digital clock and stuff it into a brief case, I’d agree with you.

          40. if it was some other kid? really? his dad ‘was’ a politician. also was has the father have to gain from this? no buddy. you are looking for a conspiracy where there is none.

            next your going to tell me that he was set up by the illuminati.

          41. Actually his dad still is active in sudanese politics, he just lives in America and travels back and forth when there is an election coming up that he wants to participate in.

            The reality is, his father is a muslim political activist, on a global scale. You can not deny the truth with any credibility, it’s impossible. You can spin it and lie about it all you want to, but you can’t truthfully deny it.

          42. No. There’s no way he made that, you have to look at the construction. Look at the button board…all he did was take a clock out of a box. That’s it. It’s obvious.

            The question is why did he stuff it into a mysterious mini suit case and then set it off in English class?

          43. YES. We know he disassembled a clock. So? This is *exactly* the kind of project a 9-13 year old would do on his own. He thought it was clever. I pulled apart a clock and put it in a cigar box at age 9. Same thing. I thought I “built a clock”.

            There was nothing mysterious or nefarious here. They never thought it was a bomb. The arrested him because they are are paranoid. Sounds like it’s the same symptom as you.

          44. No obvious answer is he was building a fake bomb, that is exactly what it looks like. That is not tinkering that is jerryrigging

          45. No, it’s a clock removed from it’s case and put in another. I did exactly the same kind of thing when I was a kid. Mine was a travel clock in a cigar case.

            It doesn’t “look like a bomb” – *no one* ever thought it was a bomb – and it has a wall plug hanging off of it. You know, like a clock does. They *assumed* he was up to no good because of his name and skin color.

        2. no you should stop reaching – you same people would fight for ppl to bring guns into the school but cry like babies over a kids homemade clock – idiots

        3. You’re also smat enough to know that today’s STEM curriculum do not teach much about real electronics. They don’t build things all the way up from discrete components and breadboards anymore. It’s a shame, but that’s the state of our education system.

          The teachers barely understand what they are teaching in the way of electronics, science and engineering.

          So yes, it’s entirely plausible that this kid took components from an existing clock and reassembled it into the presentation. Maybe he wanted to use it to show his other students what a transformer was, so they could visualize it.

        4. Guilty until proven innocent is the tack that you are taking here. You have no right to claim to be an AMERICAN when you are supporting such a backwards agenda. Piss off commie!

        5. You can get a kit like the one you posted on ebay for less than 4$.
          Why is it even impressive that he made this then? It’s a rats nest of a kluge of a hack considering what it’s supposed to do. And that’s if you DO buy his version of the story. ( I don’t.)

          At the very least how is this MIT material? Because he’s 14? So what?

      4. Ben, you have been an indoctrinated idiot for far too long. How many Muslims bomb people, on average, per day? How many people are killed by Muslims with bombs in a day, on average.

        Answer the questions, Ben.

      5. The beauty of it is, you don’t have to choose! The dad could very well have had an agenda, and the school is almost certainly run by idiots!

      6. Because that is what muslims do. Thousands of examples of muslims in the middle east, they proudly post pictures of their toddlers wearing live bomb vests on social media, declaring how proud they are of it. And yes, islam IS a political party, just not registered as one in the USA, though it is doing the exact same thing, here and the world over. islam is a political, military form of government disguised as a religion in order to hide it’s true intentions and use that disinformation to lower the resistance of the victim nations.

        You and people like you who continually apologize for, justify, and run interference for islam and it’s satanic evil are the problem.

      7. The biggest mistake people are making is they don’t understand that Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion.

      8. If you think Islam is not a political force you are either naive or lying to the rest of us and think we should believe you

    4. His clock has commonly accessible DIY components. I purchased the same display off Newark

      The ignorance and complacency in this subthread is suffocating.

      1. No it doesn’t. Christ, are we looking at the same picture? These are clearly not DIY parts. Have you ever picked up a soldering iron in your life? This is clearly not a kid’s project. It is very obviously the insides of a real clock. Just because the LED display looks similar to something you can buy on the DIY market does not change the fact that everything lines up perfectly, no solder points are unused, etc.

          1. You can’t DIY the wave soldering in the circuits as was clearly shown in the actual pictures of the very much suitcase bomb looking “clock” that Ahmed allegedly invented.

          2. I doubt anyone making a bomb for purposes other than that of movie magic or prop making would invest that much space into just the timing display. You know – because discretion would probably be important. Seems the singular goal of this project was to either build – from kit – or repurpose parts to turn an ordinary digital clock into a large display. I think he did alright.

          3. Nearly every project on MakeZine uses some type of factory-soldered circuit board. Have you never heard of an Arduino? You’re not a maker. Please leave.

          4. I suspect Tunacrap’s primary agenda is to point out how
            inferior this kid’s project is to the Radio-Shack wonders he made as a kid. Dude’s just trying to make himself look smart
            (in a vocational school kind of way). Sad.

          5. Dude, you’re a freakin idiot. All your post say the say thing
            ” Nope, blah blah blah” go back to drooling on your shirt idot

        1. DIY for a kid doesn’t have to get down to the circuit level. And there is nothing wrong with taking apart a clock, adding different parts (like a big display) and learning via backwards engineering. I don’t know where he got his parts – but there is nothing sinister or suspect about it. You guys talk like knowing how to build/rebuild a timing device is some feat of wonder and only a step away from achieving mad bomber status. If you want to make your own…

        2. Because all explosive devices are AC powered with a battery back up… just in case “whitey” unplugs it to “disable” the explosives, yes?

          If we keep up this kowtowing, and the concept of “never forget”, then they have already won. Remembering and living in constant fear are two different things.

          It seems to me, it’s the parents who don’t understand how to be parents are more of a threat in this country than an attack by “Muslims”.

          Common sense people, common sense…..

        3. Considering I did projects exactly like this when I was about 9 (putting the guts of a travel clock into a cigar box), it’s pretty clear you know nothing about DIY from a child’s perspective.

          You are paranoid, and wrong.

          1. Obviously ignorance is a big part of the problem. To an adult with little knowledge a smart kid might easily seem dangerous.

          2. What the whole “conspiracy” has really exposed is how weak-kneed and reactionary the right-wing has become. Kudos, Obama! lol

        4. The mainboard looks prefab. Without sufficient context it is not appropriate to assign motives to a seemingly outstanding father.

          How about we wait for the full story before we bring out the tinfoil?

          P.S: Yeah I can work my way with a soldering iron.

      2. Yeah I’m sure you could take this clock with you on a flight, the TSA would have no problem with it at all! Or take it with you to the White House (before this brouhaha became national knowledge), why they’d have no problem at all letting you in with it, right? Right???

        1. I once a bare motherboard/cpu/gpu/ram in my backpack and had no issues with TSA. (Though I did receive a few cautious stares by passengers)

          1. I had all my external hard drives taken out of my carryon once at McCarren omw home. They said they were on alert for Hard Drives that day and wanded my drives with an unknown stick that didn’t damage my drives, yet I do not know what they were looking for or why they would scan my drives.

            They didn’t scan the laptop I had with me though. So I am just assuming that they were checking for something in the drive casing and not the memory itself

          2. Never heard of those. But after looking it up.. That was the wand.. What does it do? Cause I figured they were pulling info off my HDs. Good thing it was just web dev files and music from friends.

          3. A degaussing wand would remove magnetic charges, thus clearing the hard drives of their contents, or at least damaging it beyond ordinary recovery methods.

          4. Why not just rub magnets then lol.

            By that, then it was not that wand. My drives were not damaged. That is the only time that has ever happened to me. Just found it weird because they didn’t wand my laptop but they went specifically for the 2 externals I had located at the bottom of the suit case and only those.

          5. Well, magnets would probably be less consistent at erasing the data, so something designed for that purpose would be employed instead.

            It’s really hard to try and put reason to things that happen without reason. Just know that the TSA is only security theater. They don’t actually stop anyone from doing anything except having a good day. They’re only there for the appearance of security.

          6. That’s hilarious. Like a real bomber would just be walking around with the innards of his device all hanging out.

          7. The problem we’ve run into is that this story got linked around to other websites and it has brought a bunch of crazies with it. Now we have fear mongers, technically challenged ones at that, invading our educated space spreading their hate. Most of the people who are saying stupid things are commenting on a makezine post for the first time. This is a true collision of worlds. I wish we could get some moderation going on in here.

          1. Dude, yiou would get yanked from line so quick if this went through the scanner. Then it’s a complete pat down and luggage inspection. And I fly all the time

          2. Really – that is very strange considering just in June this was the headlines –
            Airport Security Fails to Detect 95% of Fake Explosives, Weapons

          3. Spartus digital clock 1980’s cost $1 at the thrift store. My business is vintage electronics. This is an exact match.

            Obama can bring him to the white house to tell him “He didn’t build that”!

          4. So you know VERY WELL this isn’t a bomb. I’m glad more people like you are speaking up and telling the truth.

          5. OH! So that was the point?? Well, forgive me for misunderstanding. With all the racists running around yelling conspiracy theories, I thought you were on that whole bandwagon. Now I see you’re just passionate about electronics. Well then this is the place for you! or it was… friggin racists.

          6. The display panel looks way smaller. I believe this is exactly the kid’s “improvement” – he took a trift store $1 clock and fitted it with a nice, big LED screen to make it visible from afar, packed it into a neat-looking box that fit the new panel and went to the teacher for feedback and/or praise. If the teacher was competent he’d tell the kid to attach neutral wire to the case.

          7. This is really interesting. Can you please post some more pictures? It seems like the PCB for the buttons here is brown and the one in Mohamed’s “invention” was black (or is that just one side?); the ribbon cables on yours are the old 80s style clear kind where his are solid gray. The ribbon cables connecting the button PCB are adjacent on the Spartus you’ve shown but are spaced apart on his. However it does look close. Are there other Spartus clocks that are similar?

        2. Any device that has a build in timer or has some sort of remote access can be used as part of a bomb. Almost any container that is larger than say a pocket book can contain a powerful bomb and something as small as a candy bar could contain a small explosive device.

          If schools are absolutely terrified of anything that could be a bomb, schools should ban mobile phones, calculators, bags, soda cans, pencil cases and so on. But of course that doesn’t make sense. Actually, the safest thing would be not to allow any students at all at the premises…

          The statistical chance that a random school will be the target of a bomb attack is very small, but I guess that at this particular school teachers don’t understand statistics just like they don’t understand electronics.

        3. Nice strawman attempt. Many electrical components, if found alone with nobody claiming them, would be considered threatening. But this clock was not abandoned in a public place – Ahmed proudly claimed it and showed it to his teachers.

      3. Yes you can purchase the display, manufactures do it the time. The logic is not in the display, it’s in the board, the factory board that was stripped from a consumer alarm clock. He didn’t invent a freakin clock. Get a grip dude, all he wanted was the reaction he got.

      4. Who the hell cares where it came from. The shoe bomber was wearing shoes that were could be bought from any retail store. What the heck does that matter?

        1. so would you suggest no more inventions, no kid should be able to assemble anything – what is your plan to hide from shoe bombers (i believe there was only one) sit down and shut the frick up.

      5. Exactly right. He probably did not disassemble a clock, but instead he bought some prefab DIY electronics and plugged it together. As in my earlier comments, STEM does not teach much more then assembly level electronics.

        Also, I frequently state that I ‘built’ my computer. That doesn’t mean I made the motherboard and designed all the CPU’s, chipsets and supporting ICs. It’s common language to describe something like that.

        1. Yes, exactly! I often say that I built my desktop computers as well; however, a more accurate description I suppose would be I assembled the computers.

    5. 100% agree with you!!!! bro, I even saw 2 different “clock” pictures in different news. Fucking news, I hate them. If you know electronics, you know, hands down, its not true.

    6. I agree with your first three paragraphs, except that this *does* look like the tinkering of not only a child or teen, but perhaps a novice of any age. I’m a little hesitant to call him a “genius”.

      I respectfully disagree with the rest of it until some sort of evidence comes out.

      1. The media claim is he “made” this clock… but the factory soldered pads are perfect? The ribbon cables haven’t been desoldered since they left the factory. Look again Brent.

        Even if Ahmed truly did “make” this clock to impress his teacher, and it had nothing to do with his father’s political agenda, it still makes the kid a liar. It’s passing off someone else’s work as your own…

        1. If you’ll read it again, you’ll see that I agreed with you that saying he “made” this clock was a stretch, typical of a teenager looking to impress someone. He took something apart to a point, and put it back together in another case. Good that he’s curious, good that he managed to do what he did do. But I’m not ready to call him the world’s next great Electrical Engineer just yet.

          1. who the F@#$ CARES – Really you don’t have anything better to do then to put this kid down for trying to do something productive – how fricking stupid. What would you prefer he rob a bank?

          2. Are you talking about Ahmed or Tunacrab? Tunacrab claims that Ahmed was trolling, but to me it seems like Tunacrab is trolling, so…. you’ll have to be a little more clear about who “he” is.

          3. What was productive? He took apart a functioning clock and put the pieces in another box. Holy Shit, the 7 year-old in China that assembled the damn thing originally must be the next Stephen Fucking Hawkings!


          Feel free to look at the link above to Makezine’s blurb about our Curiosity Hacked guild. It features an image of our arduino laser tag guns that our 8-10 year olds made. We hacked (you know taking something apart to make it do something new or different…) a dollar store flashlight to make the targets and the IR “sight” We mentored the kiddos all through the process, but make no mistake they made every bit of those guns. From the etching the pcbs to, soldering on of the components, to messing with the Arduino code to get the desired amount of “lives” and “shots”. Hacking (you know taking apart something and making something new or different with it…) is a major theme in the work we do with our guild. Clearly you do not have much experience working with kiddos who have a passion for this kind of thing or you would recognize the process. Taking things apart and using them for something new is a major part of a young kids Making/Hacking experience.

          1. Using clock parts inside of a briefcase is also a great start for learning how to blow shit up, this kid wasn’t etching no PC boards.

          2. I’m a country boy from Texas, I learned to blow shit up without clocks or briefcases. Your story holds no water.

          3. Maybe you don’t practice a “religion” which involves jihad, but it seems you’ll welcome it with open arms.

          4. So the kid is starting out, you don’t start out ‘etching’ PCB boards, you buy a pre-made kit or some 101 in 1 thing from radio shack where you put the wires on spring loaded contact points.
            On a side note this blog is coded terribly, trying to type in comments is somehow connected to Flash and it keeps crashing.

          5. Yeah so why bring it to school the day after 9/11? He said it took 20 minutes to do, clearly a provocation meant to get a reaction and not a project. Interesting that this comes after Obongo’s executive order to allow “Behavioral Experiments”, and the repeal of the law prohibiting propaganda to be used on Americans.

            Just think what precedent this event sets, now these snackbars are going to be allowed to carry around all sorts of bombs and trigger devices without a hint of scrutiny because it’s rayciss.

          6. Apparently you must have read 1984 and thought it was utopia.

            The new program is the end result of a policy proposal the White House floated in 2013 entitled “Strengthening Federal Capacity for Behavioral Insights.”

            According to a document released by the White House at that time, the program was modeled on one implemented in the U.K. in 2010. That initiative created a Behavioral Insights Teams, which used “iterative experimentation” to test “interventions that will further advance priorities of the British government.”

            The initiative draws on research from University of Chicago economist Richard Thaler and Harvard law school professor Cass Sunstein, who was also dubbed Obama’s regulatory czar. The two behavioral scientists argued in their 2008 book “Nudge” that government policies can be designed in a way that “nudges” citizens towards certain behaviors and choices.

            The desired choices almost always advance the goals of the federal government, though they are often couched as ways to cut overall program spending.

            Read more:

          7. I examined the memo. What it says is also distorted by the Daily Caller. These kinds of analytics are common everywhere. Without them, getting anything done would be an inefficient mess. You’re using a computer right now. UX (User Experience) designers study human behavior and emotions in order to create a better, more efficient experience for you, the computer user, so you can read your Daily Caller articles with ease. Again, like the EO, this memo is seeking the same things.

            I’m assuming you have issues with this kind of research to improve these items listed in the memo:
            “Increasing college enrollment and retention”
            “Getting people back to work”
            “Improving academic performance”
            “Increasing retirement savings”
            “Increasing adoption of energy efficient measures”
            “Increasing tax compliance”

          8. I started out taking apart an old VCR and taping different things in random locations. I called it a battery charger and it would shock the hell out of you if you touched it in the wrong place. We all start off in different ways. No one said he etched the PCBs. (you don’t need to say PCB board, that’s like saying Mississippi River river.)

            On your side note, that is Discus’ problem. It’s really buggy on all types of devices and websites.

          9. Hey, I’m all for kids learning by tearing crap apart and, generally (unless they are tearing up my crap), commend them for doing it. But, I was rebuilding and improving internal combustion engines at 14 so reboxing a digital clock ain’t very impressive. What is impressive, however, is the number of folks completely played by this pawn and his activist daddy.

          10. For a genius he did not even ground the neutral wire from the AC cord to the metal case. Also this setup is not even close to UL standards, the wires look twisted together not soldered and the transformer is haphazardly left to flop about . Every thing about this extremely shoddy kit is dangerous , it’s a fire hazard and an electrocution hazard. This whole incident is a straw man for the Progressive SJW.

          11. My bet is this was all neatly tucked before the police put its hands on it. It’s a mess, because they made a mess of it. And I believe the kid is neither genius nor a prodigy. He probably “repackaged” a normal clock. Probably he replaced the LCD display with a big one. That makes for a neat DIY project for a 14yo kid. Nothing especially noteworthy but neither anything worth of scorn – sure it’s not “to code”, it has typical newbie errors and it certainly doesn’t involve some exquisite skill – and that only confirms he made it, he brought it to ask for feedback, and it confirms his teachers are morons for not recognizing what it was.

          12. Maybe I am a born cynic. You do have some good points. When I was 15 I built a basic circuit in electronics class. It was a kit called the ‘Librarian Tormentor’ and emitted a high pitched tone at intermittent interval, the random short bursts made it impossible to locate by ear. I hid it in my journalism teacher’s class room’s drop ceiling. It drove her insane, she suspected me because I would grin every time it went off. I retrieved it when the battery died and still have it to this day.

            As for the teacher not recognizing the device, they did not evacuate so that is an indicator they knew it wasn’t a bomb. You have to dig deeper for the reason he was arrested: He refused to answer any questions about the device first to his teacher, and then refused to talk to police ( other than saying it was a clock) before his arrest. It was not until he was relesed that he spoke about why he made it and why he had it in English class.

            As a side note: Steve Wozniak was arrested and jailed for a hoax involving a ticking metronome.

          13. Actually, it is not a good way to learn how to blow stuff up it is a really crappy way to learn to blow stuff up. Our pyrotechnics badge is a great way to learn it though. Blowing stuff up is fun. We do it once a year with our kiddos. We put them in red, white, and blue t-shirts and we wave American flags and we blow the hell out of shit with little tubes and boxes full of stuff that explodes. It is called The Fourth of July. But it is ok for us to do it, cause my kids are white. That is the point you were trying to make… right, or did I misinterpret your meaning?!

          14. So what exactly does Ahmed’s clock do that is new or different than when the 7 year-old in China assembled it originally? It’s not hacked, its just torn apart and stuffed in another box. He got exactly the reaction he and his activist daddy were looking for.

          15. It has a neat big LCD display, it does look good, it does whatever a clock should do. It’s not an impressive project nor anything revolutionary, but it’s better than potato batteries and soda volcanoes. Something perfectly fit for a common, average 14yo kid who is neither a prodigy nor an idiot. What *is* idiotic is the teachers’ reaction though. They really should go back to school to learn basics of tinkering and electronics.

          16. Surely that says more about the system the child has to live in, than the child himself. If what you are saying is true then the teachers, administrators and and local police are truly the idiots who fell for it. Not really the role models of intelligence would want educating my children. Heck we even trust some of them with guns. Maybe we should rethink this whole giving the local police guns. You may be on to something. Also read the last line of my post. It doesn’t have to be novel to be Making/Hacking for a child. A kiddo doesn’t come out of the womb knowing how to solder. Often a kiddo’s first few Making/Hacking experiences involve taking things apart and putting them back together. I have several boxes of disassembled used electronics to prove it. I feel sad for you that your limited world view and experience working with kiddos would lead you to such an ugly conclusion. One more thing, I grew up in Texas, I know all about over reacting to small infractions. We got licks (isn’t that a cute way to describe hitting a child with a wooden board repeatedly?) for chewing gum in middle and high school.

        3. “The boy’s father, Mohamed Elhassen Mohamed, a Sudanese-born man and Dallas Sufi imam, made national headlines in 2011 for debating Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who burned a Koran. Mohamed claimed this incident with his son only happened “because his name is Mohamed and because of September 11,” according to the Dallas Morning News.

          Already, CAIR’s Dallas Executive Director Alia Salem asserted the teen only was targeted because of his religious and racial identity. “I think this wouldn’t even be a question if his name wasn’t Ahmed Mohamed,” she insisted to the local NBC TV news outlet.”…/cair-calls-alleged-texas…/

          1. Don’t forget to point out that Terry Jones “the Florida pastor” is the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church. You know.. the ones who show up at soldiers’ funerals and yell hateful things. Then sue people who react as a means of making money. Who WOULDN’T debate that guy?

          2. Terry Jones isn’t the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, he’s the pastor of the Dove World Outreach Church in Florida. I used to see the Dove people around Gainesville from time to time, ironically, nearly colliding with a group of his church members wearing their “Islam is of the Devil” t-shirts one day when I was running late to my Islam in America course on the University of Florida campus. (I think they were banned from campus shortly afterward.)

        4. It’s an honest mistake to make, companies like Heathkit sold kits like this for years(as do others today) with all the parts and ‘blank’ PCB boards with just the circuit traces installed, you put the parts in and solder them yourself, making true PCB boards is beyond a beginners ability.

    7. You fucking idiot if he is so intelligent to make a clock i think their elders will search the pieces he needs to use because all the elders of all the children want the best for their children.
      I think it’s not the first thing Ahmad has created you stupid , if one wants to be an ingineer he will search things and reproduce them to learn.
      Ah and you’re older than Ahmad and he has more advanced things than you fuckin stupid retarded idiot chimp.

    8. Thank you! I’ve been saying the same thing since this story started on Twitter. This is not genius level stuff. The kid knew what he was doing and wanted a reaction. Now MIT, Facebook, REDDIT, Whitehouse all want him. Give me a break. Just another Muslim band wagon for sheep to jump on. And no these are not “Do It Youself Parts” like the other idiots are saying. That board was wave soldered by machine manufacturing. BAAAAAA BAAAAA

      1. There are a number of issues in play here:
        — Schools lack of technical sophistication. The kid showed the clock to a teacher and presumably demonstrated that it was harmless.
        — Schools have these zero-tolerance policies. Once someone, anyone, expresses a suspicion, certain procedures have to be followed. It’s pretty spooky.
        — There may well have been some profiling here. I’m not convinced.
        — Lack of technical sophistication on the part of the cops. But I suspect policies and procedures played a part there too.

        My point is that some political agenda on the part of the father may not have been the prime mover in this.

      2. yeah because everyone is the boogy man and everyone is bad and all muslims are trying to kill whitey! Shut up

    9. Agreed. It looks like he and his father took pains to make an OTS LED clock look like a suspicious device. I expect his parents to file a lawsuit which the school district will no doubt settle.

      It didn’t help that he acted cagey when asked about the device (according to the police, anyway), and has the name of the original jihadi terrorist for a surname.

      I’m guessing that if a boy named Hans Hitler brought a toy Luger that looked suspiciously real to school, he’d be arrested too, and racism would have nothing to do with it.

      1. The police who interrogated the kid for an 1 hour and a half without parents present in violation of tx law and wouldnt let him leave even he had confessed to a crime the confession would have be inadmissable because of their keystone cops tactics.

        1. I’m guessing nobody else is going admit to helping setting up a settlement scam either, and such an admission is probably the only way he could charged with anything.

        1. Yes it is. It’s a common first name too.

          It is also the name of the original jihadi POS, who was a mass murderer, a terrorist, a sadist, a child-molesting pervert, a wife-beater, a rapist, a thief , a liar and an all-round excrement stain on the tapestry of life.

    10. I did notice that the father has political aspirations. I have seen numerous stunts in recent years that are simply designed to ‘ make the news’, so i try to take these stories with a grain of salt and research the players a bit. Particularly when politically motivated organizations become involved.

      1. You definitely have to dig a little deeper when the media is involved. I read at least 3 or 4 stories before I make up my mind on what really happened.

    11. Wow! We can all sleep a little easier now that you’ve uncovered the diabolical plot of this former Sudanese presidential candidate to harm the U.S. with his 14 year-old son’s poorly constructed clock. Ahmed said he threw it together in 20 minutes, but ah – what a brilliant ruse! He obviously spent hours with his dangerous father, both planning out every detail to create a shoddy looking clock that really was a….clock.

      1. So 20 minutes worth of this kids time to build a hoax bomb is now in your mind somehow an amazing project which he would show off at school? This is why the country and Europe is being flooded with radical islamists hell bent on conquering it all for themselves, because stupid retards believe they are gentle doves when a clear look at the world shows otherwise.

    12. You’re absolutely right that all of this is propaganda its sickening that there are so many twits out there that don’t see it for what it is.

    13. What an interesting if not insightful comment. You have made me see this incident in an entirely new light.

    14. Since I have this *exact* case: the lining isn’t “bumpy”, it’s fabric. The “nondescript packet of unidentified white powder” is desiccant, mine came with a little packet too. If you’ve ever bought practically anything, you should know what that is better than you know what a bomb looks like, because you should have seen other such packets.

      So what if it’s just a case-mod? He “made” a case-mod. There are people all over Etsy who take pre-fab clock innards and stick them inside of custom cases, calling them clocks they’ve made, all day long. Is it any less making a clock if the kid used a “clock motion kit” rather than took apart an existing clock?

      How about we just give a kid the benefit of doubt? You don’t know all the details. You don’t know if the case is bent because of something the school did. You don’t know what it actually looked like when he had it. How about a little “innocent until proven guilty” for a fellow citizen?

    15. Here’s why everything you just said is stupid BS. From a Facebook post between two people, at least one of whom is far more intelligent than you:

      Andy Illes:
      I said: it’s sad they thought that kid had a bomb.
      she said: they didn’t think he had a bomb.
      I said: yes, they thought he made a bomb and even called the police.
      she said: They just wanted to humiliate a little Muslim, African boy. They didn’t think he had a bomb.
      I said: Don’t be a conspiracist. They might be a little prejudiced, but I’m sure they thought he had a bomb.
      She said: ok. But they didn’t evacuate the school, like you do when there’s a bomb. They didn’t call the bomb squad – like you do when there’s a bomb. They didn’t get as far away from him as possible – like you do when there’s a bomb. Then they put him and the clock in an office – not like you do when there’s a bomb. Then they waited with him for the police to arrive. Then they put the clock in the same car as the police. Then they took pictures of it.
      I said: Damn. They never thought he had a bomb.

      You’re a fear monger, and a bad one at that. That kid managed to take things apart and put them back together in a fashion that he desired. Maybe you were privileged enough to come from a home with an electrical engineer who taught you how to build things from scratch before you could walk. Personally, I started like this kid. Now I’ve learned enough to make things from scratch. Instead of trying to frame this kid as a liar and thief, maybe you should question the motives of the school administrators, the police, and your own insane rantings.

        1. I’m not sure. This photo of a conversation went viral this morning, or last night depending on your timezone, and I thought it needed to be shared. I tried to copy it exactly as it was in the photo,

          1. Okay, thanks. But is this an imagined conversation on the matter? If so, I remain unpersuaded that it counters Tunacrab’s points.

          2. Whether the conversation is real or imagined, the point stands. Why did they put what they thought to be a bomb, in the same room as the person they thought to be a terrorist and sit around waiting for police without evacuating the school?

    16. Why is the 7 seg enclosed?
      What was the real purpose of the project? No innovation? No new function?

      When I was 14 my friends and I built computers.

      Cheap clocks are used all the time for IEDs (as an experienced EWO)

      1 + 1 = 0100
      Binary, decimal, binary-coded-decimal… Not always what you think != 2

      Think we may have been “PSYOP’ed”

    17. As for the pencil case… are you fucking kidding me? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen those for sale at Staples. As pencil cases, or check boxes, or whatever. They’re a little tacky, but completely innocent and rather common. Rather a good choice for a project box actually.

    18. Why is the 7 seg enclosed?
      What was the real purpose of the project? No innovation? No new function?

      When I was 14 my friends and I built computers.

      Cheap clocks are used all the time for IEDs (as an experienced EWO)

      1 + 1 = 0100
      Binary, decimal, binary-coded-decimal… Not always what you think != 2

      Think we may have been “PSYOP’ed”

      1. Interesting that this comes after Obongo’s executive order to allow “Behavioral Experiments”, and the repeal of the law prohibiting propaganda to be used on Americans.

    19. Yes, it seems like another media hoax. Just think what precedent this event sets, now these snackbars are going to be allowed to carry around all sorts of bombs and trigger devices without a hint of scrutiny because it’s rayciss. Interesting that this comes after Obongo’s executive order to allow “Behavioral Experiments”, and the repeal of the law prohibiting propaganda to be used on Americans.

      The kid’s dad is also a publicity hound who routinely returns to Sudan to run for President and engages in other PR stunts like debating the Rev. Terry Jones over the holiness of the Koran.

    20. And the marketing is brilliant too! He just happened to be wearing a NASA shirt lol and the arrest photo is sure to capture the shirt.
      Second… the kind and loving father was passing out free pizza to the media outside. What a brilliant marketing/pr stunt. Congratulations dear sheeple… ya got fooled again.

    21. You really leave no question to whether you have “an understanding of electronics” or not. The answer is a monumental “no”. There is not even a grain of sophistication in that contraption and looks exactly like something a kid or a newbie in electronics would kludge together.

    22. I was planning on reusing the exact same display for a clock project. Just so happens the clocks those are sold in have a defect which makes the power supplies burn up eventually. The parts are fairly valuable, and given the amount of pins it’s not surprising to want to reuse the existing board.
      Since the leds are pretty high power, the driving of them is necessarily more complicated than most newbie examples on the Internet or what you’d learn in school.
      Not something that I’d recommend as a very first project, maybe fourth or fifth.
      So your criticism comes through as bunch of horseshit from someone with prejudice issues.
      Maybe Ahmed isn’t a genius yet. But he’s definitely a rising star within the top 5% of his age.

    23. You watch too many movies and politic. Can you run before you walk? Do you have a kid and don’t you help your kid? Albert Einstein was fail the test too before he joined Zurich school. So, Ahmed still a kid, even if someone help him, so what? It is still a good lesson for him to learn at this age. Everyone go a bit too far, make a so big deal, Ahmed got punishment without made any mistakes. And now, we should applause the kids like Ahmed make them happy then he can follow his dream to become a scientist in the future. You’re good explore politic issues but you’re holding back the kid’s future. Ahmed reading the article at the moment and you can’t see what he feels right now.

    24. I have to agree with you. The initial reports implied that he had built a clock, when all he did was rearrange a clock into a case. Kids should be encouraged to build things, but this is a pretty faux electronics project. I have built electronics with my kid, about the same age, and we are smart enough to know that this is not something you can say you built, or to be proud of.

    25. Finally, some rational analysis. As someone who designs circuit boards, I could see there were a lot of functional circuits that were not needed for a simple clock circuit.
      But, it did the job, I guess. It served the purpose for which it was intended. The old ” sky is falling” ploy.

    26. Have you ever “built” a computer? I’m seriously asking, because if you think anyone is fabricating there own gtx760, or Radeaon HD7990, they are not. They are buying prefabricated parts and assembling them. Do you know why? Because the idea that anyone is soldering anything when we have chip densities as they are in the modern era is as laughable as a a canvas covered biplane picking you up at your gate.

      So, while you reminisce about 20 Mb memory modules and the smell of burning solder, this kid was learning the basics of electronics assembly.

    27. I see your points about it just being that the kid took apart another clock and put it in a case, seems to be a valid argument and simple enough.I would have to disagree on the conspiracy theory of malicious intent and the Parents undermining their own child for their political agenda. That seems a little bit over the top. Maybe there was no malicious intent and the kid did take apart another clock and put into a case. So what, I have built crazier crap and taken that stuff to school back in the day and no one blinked an eye. Of course things are a little more on edge these days but the kid is just trying to learn and have fun doing it. He just wanted some support in what he likes doing. I would hate going to school these days being on edge with social media and lack of support. Ever here of Occam’s razor? This kid is just a builder and like tinkering with things. No political agenda and no malicious intent. Just curiosity and imagination. It’s as simple as that.

    28. I see your points about it just being that the kid took apart another clock and put it in a case, seems to be a valid argument and simple enough.I would have to disagree on the conspiracy theory of malicious intent and the Parents undermining their own child for their political agenda. That seems a little bit over the top. Maybe there was no malicious intent and the kid did take apart another clock and put into a case. So what, I have built crazier crap and taken that stuff to school back in the day and no one blinked an eye. Of course things are a little more on edge these days but the kid is just trying to learn and have fun doing it. He just wanted some support in what he likes doing. I would hate going to school these days being on edge with social media and lack of support. Ever here of Occam’s razor? This kid is just a builder and like tinkering with things. No political agenda and no malicious intent. Just curiosity and imagination. It’s as simple as that.

    29. Take your delusional, racist ass back to reddit where you and your nonsensical conspiracy theories and feigned superiority belong.

      1. The race card, how original. Clearly the clock is a commercially available unit that the kid admits he built in 20 minutes on a Sunday night, and he also admits that he showed it to the shop teacher who told him not to show it to anyone lest they mistake it for a bomb, and then he sets’ it off in English class and acts like ‘what? what did I do?’

    30. TUNACRAB you are SPOT on! Unfortunately you cant fix stupid like the people shoving this through the media.

    31. I don'[t know where you come from, but where I’m from, people call “putting a clock module into a container” “making a clock”.

    32. Absolute BS, this is all planned out by the father, how did the white house react so far, this is another of the constant Muslim chipping away eroding the US, they knew damn well this would happen if you leave a ticking device alone in a school. ..stop The pathetic defendi by of it

  8. You all Americans are so cheap that you just don’t want to understand the fact that he was arrested only because his name was Ahmed.

  9. The school day just prior to Ahmed’s stunt was Friday, September 11,
    when a nearby high school in Plano was the subject of a publicized and
    frightening bomb scare. Ahmed had to have known that his clock would
    look suspicious.

  10. Young Ahmed from Texas invents a clock… He is a modern-day Al-Jazari, continuing a legacy of clockmaking from Muslim Civilisation.

    1,000 years ago, inventors like Al-Jazari made innovative automata and constructed intricate clocks that defined the middle ages.

    ‪#‎Istandwithahmed‬ ‪#‎muslimcivilisation‬ ‪#‎muslimheritage‬ ‪#‎goldenage‬‪#‎elephantclock‬ ‪#‎elephant_clock‬ ‪#‎clocks‬ ‪#‎alJazari‬ ‪#‎1001inventions‬

    1. He didn’t invent anything, He got a clock from a store, opened it up and put the pieces in a metal pencil case to make it look like a mock suitcase bomb I assume as a prank.

    2. He didn’t invent anything. He put the guts of an off-the-shelf LED clock into a case to make it look suspicious.

      The fact that he’s surnamed after the barbarian warlord Mohammed and acted cagey when questioned made him look all the more suspicious.

  11. Excuse me but that VERY MUCH resembles a Suitcase Bomb.

    If this is what the device looks like, then this entire episode looks like a well orchestrated VICTIM DRAMA.

    Also, his parents very gleefully used the “Islamophobia” card right from the onset. Something is not right about this.

    1. There is no space in the pencil case for the actual explosive. There is plenty of space in the bottom on the briefcase pic. You’ve posted this 8 times now, and have failed to convince anyone. Stop watching tv. Start learning about how the world actually works.

  12. Funny. I just realized my own kid has one of these and used it as her pencil box last year in fifth grade. It’s not even as big as a standard textbook.

    Muslim kid brings clock to school. Clock is confiscated and suspected
    of being a bomb. Kid is arrested. After finding out it’s not a bomb,
    kid is released and school principal sends home letter telling parents
    they have to be vigilant and to not let their kids bring banned items to
    school. You know, because we have to be vigilant and keep our kids

    White kid takes guns into a school, kills 20 children and 6
    adults. Those who call for common sense gun laws to keep our kids safe
    are shouted down by the likes of the NRA who says we should arm all
    teachers in the schools.

    Something tells me this racial profiling thing isn’t quite working out.

      1. “Something is seriously wrong about this entire drama…” You mean *other* than arresting a nerd kid for being brown and having a funny name?

    1. Ken you mean the kid is released but before hes released hes arrested interrogated and detained in violation of Texas and US law while his parents were not told or asked to claim him.

    2. You are the one bringing up race. Violence has happened at schools. Because of the seeming increase in violence, teachers are taught essentially “see something, say something”. I will concede that it sounds as though after something was said additional authorities may have overreacted. However, the people claiming that this kid was singled out because of his religion or race and claiming his innocence due to ” Occam’s razor ” are missing the simpler explication.

      We live in a wossified society filled with non thinking “rule” followers. Kids get suspended for eating a pop tart into a potential gun shape, kids get in trouble for tearing a piece of paper into a potential gun shape, kids get charged with assault for kissing someone on a dare. notice in not mentioning race in these cases because race isn’t the reason this stuff is happening. Race is however the reason this story has gained such traction.

      Call it reverse racism, white guilt, reverse nationalism/American guilt, whatever. A white (probably even black or Latino) kid could have gotten into just as much trouble as Ahmed and there would be no #IStandWithJohnny social media campaign. I’m not even going to claim that the campaign wouldn’t exist because you wouldn’t care, I think everyone “standing with him” cares, but the media would never have picked it up and run with it. If little Jimmy had gotten into trouble bringing in his home made clock, you never would have heard about it. You never would have had the opportunity to express outrage.

      So take the opportunity to be upset for the right reasons. We have created a society of fear that punishes children for the behavior of adults and a few horribly misguided/deranged youths.

      1. “If little Jimmy had gotten into trouble bringing in his home made clock,
        you never would have heard about it. You never would have had the
        opportunity to express outrage.”

        That’s where you’re exactly wrong. This a Maker site. This is Maker news. I heard about it here first. I’ve heard about lots of Maker news that YOU’VE never heard of because I frequent this site. You seem to be a first timer. Please be a last timer as well.

        1. Brilliant reasoning that because a Disqus profile hasn’t commented on MAKE before the user must have never been to the site.

          With how welcoming the comments have been from people who frequent the site to people seen as new viewers; no wonder every single regular viewer is also 100% involved in the comments (that’s true, right? Article views=number of individuals commenting on each article, right?). I mean a community this welcoming of diverse opinions is just the type of community I want to comment more in.

          You are not actually representative of the people here, but like with most things, a loud mouth ruins the the experience for everyone else. Enjoy your sterile world filled only with opinions you agree with, I’m sure that habitat fosters personal and professional growth.

    3. Muslims blow up twin towers, borders left open, Obongo and McCain arm ISIS, said muslims are imported to the US as “refugees” and then we get Sharia law. Meanwhile you’re blabbering about some hoax shooting.

      1. Wow, before I just thought you were a typical unthinking conservative. I was WAY off! You’re certifiably insane!

          1. Oh no the R word! Is that what you have to turn to now because you can’t logically defend your position that we should just let every snackbar run around in schools with devices resembling explosives? Talk about bigoted self-hating white trash, no wonder the confederate flag was replaced with the rainbow flag with warriors like you defending Texas.

          1. Right, because ignoring the fact that McCain is in multiple photos with the ISIS leader who told Army Colonel Kenneth King “I’ll see you guys in New York” while defending the son of a muslim who ran for president of Sudan, a country which sends a constant flow of snackbars to fight in Syria is perfectly sane these days.

          2. Well, your name is John, and McCain’s first name is also John. If that’s not damning evidence that you’re both involved in a conspiracy to support ISIS, I don’t know what is.

  13. If they thought it was a bomb, why didn’t they evacuate the building? Call the Bomb and Arson squad? Have a robot go in and examine it? Detonate it as a precaution? You know, they stuff they do when they *really* think it’s a bomb…..

    1. That’s what they do to bombs that are concealed. The police did a fantastic job though. REAL HEROES

      1. Do you, by chance, have a photo of what a stereotypical bomb may look like? I’m having a hard time picturing it……….

        From an ATF Pamphlet at

        “Most bombs are homemade and are limited in their design only by the imagination of, and resources available to, the bomber. Remember, when searching for a bomb, suspect anything that looks unusual. Let the trained bomb technician determine what is or is not a bomb.”

        “Let the trained bomb technician determine what is or is not a bomb.” – was this done? I haven’t read about it if it was.

        If the kid wanted to create a disruption, even with a fake bomb, why would he voluntarily show it to a teacher? Makes zero sense.

        If the police did a fantastic job, why did he immediately claim “that’s who I thought it was” about a kid he’d never met before?

        Everyone bungled this. If you think it’s a bomb, treat it like it is one.

        1. “f the kid wanted to create a disruption, even with a fake bomb, why
          would he voluntarily show it to a teacher? Makes zero sense.”

          Because if he had just left it in a hallway, it would have gotten way too much attention for plausible deniability. It would have become an actual act of terror, so the kid would be in real trouble and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

          1. I think you’re giving him a little too much credit. Let’s keep in mind that while he’s earned the “genius” tag (and justifiably, to a point), all he did was take apart a clock and put it back together in a different box.

          2. Well, we don’t have any real non-circumstantial evidence of that, but it certainly shouldn’t be ruled out either.

          3. He showed it to his engineering teacher first and then when the english teacher asked about the noise he showed it to her.

        2. More than likely they DIDN’T think it was but they were erring on the side of caution. The alarm had already sounded and nothing happened but if it had, any surviving teachers/administrators would have been fired, sued, and probably charged with negligence.

          1. Yeah. Don’t disagree, after more thought about it.

            Until we have cold hard facts and evidence, it seems to me like a series of unfortunate events and misunderstandings.

    2. Probably for the same reason we are having this discussion. If the kid had been white they probably WOULD have evacuated the building. They probably spent hour discussing what would happen if it wasn’t a bomb. I guess they got their answer.

  14. Can you blame the teacher for being ignorant as Hollywood has continuously been exposing many with these bombs in a suitcase? This teacher deserves a medal for doing the right thing and keeping our kids safe. The joke should fall on the police department’s bomb squad.

          1. But perhaps the least likely thing to be a bomb is the thing with flashing lights saying “Don’t I look like a bomb? Better call the cops”

          2. like the least likely person to shoot up a theater is the crazy guy with the green hair saying “don’t i look like a crazy sonofabitch?”

          3. You mean dressed like The Joker at a Batman movie so he blends in with other people dressed like characters? Exactly.

            You yourself described what REAL bombs look like: a pressure cooker, a shoe lace, underwear. Those were real. Real bombs are not conveniently wired to let James Bond dramatically stop the timer at 0:07.

  15. The first thing that struck me when I saw the photo was that it plugged into 110v. I’m not criticizing the kid — we all took things apart to see how they work and put them back together. But he could have electrocuted himself if he wasn’t careful.

  16. The first thing that struck me when I saw the photo was that it plugged into 110v. I’m not criticizing the kid — we all took things apart to see how they work and put them back together. But he could have electrocuted himself if he wasn’t careful. He might consider sticking to things that are battery-powered.

      1. Well, yeah, that’s sort of my point. He’d be best served to stick to battery-powered stuff that won’t light him up like a Christmas tree.

  17. I thought my high school was pretty sad, but at least we had kids doing this kind of stuff. From the “what kid would be able to do this?” comments, it sounds like a lot of you didn’t. Maybe you were all in school before electronics were cheap and easy to do. We have robotics clubs in our middle schools, for crying out loud. It’s really quite accessible for kids who are inclined to it.

  18. What kind of clock is that anyway? A countdown clock? A clock that keeps time? A clock that counts sheep? Is it for a project? What does it exactly do, is it part of a synthesizer or electronic project?

    Has everyone lost the ability to think…I think so. There were kids in my high school that would have done something like this, for whatever reason, attention…

    That his name what it is does raise suspicion, sorry. If you thought a pressure cooker or box cutter were innocuous, you were wrong.

      1. Are you saying a bomb cannot look like that? An improvised timer in a metal case? Ridiculous. What was this kid’s reason for strapping the white packet in the corner? It takes a special kind of naivety to swallow what this kid is shoveling.

        1. Why would a bomb — an actual bomb that you want to use to harm people and property — have a large, glowing timer to call attention to itself?

    1. What does C-4 look like, I have no idea, but a big red ball with a sparkly fuse burning is only a cartoon representation of bombs, a case, a clock and it’s a bomb. What, you looking for sticks of dynamite?

  19. At a deeper level, ‘Ahmed’s Clock’ exposes our weakness as a society. You can’t embrace triumphs if we feel like we are drowning. Sure we haven’t still forgotten 911. Gun violence on the media front page. We are being educated by a union who are more about themselves than students. Our schools are for the most part for the masses than few over achievers. Thanks for exposing technical details of the clock, even the media couldn’t tell since I clearly did not see the digital display until you pointed out. We should use this opportunity to promote technology and inventions within our society than sucking up to too much unnecessary digital activities. Also this is a good opportunity to spread tolerance. I suggest Islamic community to understand majority insecurity as well. We should all blend in to a single society – basically everyone should come to the middle than sitting at their own corners.

  20. The only missing piece is the explosives, then you have a bomb. That’s probably true for a lot of electronic devices. Somebody with an “Islamic” Name like Ahmed must have a hard time in the US..

    1. Steve Wozniak (not Muslim) was also arrested for what a high-school principal thought his project was a bomb after he heard it beeping.

  21. I’m not 100% sure of Ahmed ‘s motive. I assume it was an innocent joke gone bad and I assume the teacher overreacted. my guess is he assumed his teacher didn’t like Muslims and wanted to play a joke. I’m also glad the kid got let go but the design he used was called. Airsoft Mock Suitcase Time Bomb and its wasn’t so much a DIY clock as a reassembled clock to look like a timebomb.

    1. Agreed. The only mistake Ahmed made is that saying he “made” it is a bit of a stretch. He reassembled it.

      As far as motives and all that, I’d prefer to have some evidence before forming an opinion.

  22. Here is the picture of the “clock” that Ahmed allegedly “invented” :

    The clock he supposedly made (more like assembled out of another existing clock with machine soldering) by putting it in a mini suitcase – resembled too much like a Suitcase Bomb prop usually used in movies, see below :

    He (or more likely his father) took extra pain to make the clock look like a SUITCASE BOMB. Then his parents very gleefully use the “Islamophobia” card very soon & talk about fighting Islamophobia (usually the excuse used to silence critics of Islam) worldwide.

    This entire episode is extremely fishy – I am not buying it !!!

  23. What does this elaborate looking clock do that a $5 clock from Walmart doesn’t? You cannot even see the display when it’s closed inside the case, so it’s pretty worthless… People are acting like this kid invented the next generation of atomic clock, especially the President… “If I had a son who made a worthless clock that looked like a bomb and he took it to high school soon after another highly publicized school shooting he would look just like Ahmed Mohammed”… The only thing missing is if they both share the same middle name of Hussein…

  24. The more I think about this, I’m sort of seeing why there might have been an abundance of caution. When we found a threatening note at our high school, a lot of extra precautions were taken, including metal detectors. Most of my mid-80s MHS classmates remember the afternoon we all spent out at the baseball diamond because a bomb threat was called in. And seeing how our town isn’t exactly a cultural melting pot, race didn’t figure in.

    What I don’t get is treating the kid like a suspect until it was clear that there was some sort of danger or malicious intent. That’s the point where the handling of this went sideways, and some things came into play that shouldn’t have, imho.

    I’ll also add this — while I commend being interested in electronics and science, and I get the desire to impress teachers, I’m now having a hard time calling this kid a genius. He’s obviously clever and bright, for sure. But it looks like he simply took a clock apart and put it back together. Just my $0.02.

  25. To all the people knocking Ahmed for rearranging a clock, how many times did you do something similar when dipping your toes into a hobby?
    The next step in this kids development, assuming this isn’t a stunt, will likely be to buy a kit or follow an instructable and continually progressing in his skills.
    – And to the morons who can’t grasp conceptual parallels, I mean something similar as in slightly modify and existing product. Not necessarily rig up a suitcase bomb prop.

    1. Our country is woefully behind when it comes to recognizing the talents of those who chew Pop Tarts into different things.

  26. I’m wondering how many of these istandwithahmed apologists have any experience with modern schooling. You can’t just walk into school anymore, you have to be buzzed in through a locked door. We constantly get emails and robocalls from the school about every little incident, even from neighboring districts. Zero Tolerance is taught to parents and students and is extremely adhered to by school staff. You can’t even give your kid a PB&J for lunch anymore because of the chance that some kid may possibly have an allergy.

    My son is in 7th grade. It’s been like this for the last eight years of school. The idea that this kid Ahmed innocently brought a improvised clock devise with no clue that it would cause trouble is ludicrous.

    1. I think we all know that teenagers can be a little oblivious and impulsive at times, and not really think through what they’re doing.

  27. All you need to do is hook the alarm speaker wires to a detonator which can be quite small and and fill that white pouch with C4 or even line the whole box with C4 which is also quite easy to make out of Vaseline, oil, gelatin, and a few other house hold ingredients.. Just google the process yourself. Think about this: Kid said “I made a clock and took it to English class to impress my teacher” … He ripped an already functional clock apart, put it in a case, took it to ENGLISH class un announced to impress his teacher… This wasn’t a school project either, it was just something random he did on his own. I know he ripped apart an already functioning alarm clock cause I did the same thing and we practically have the same brand..

    1. So he would go through the trouble of HIDING the explosives, but still put a big friggin clock on the front? You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

  28. Please invite Ahmed Mohamed to create a detailed plan for exactly what he made. I would like to duplicate it, and take it around to show people what caused all this fuss. I think all makers should do the same.

  29. Bottom line. If the kid had been WHITE this would not even have made it to the last page, much less the headlines. Obama wouldn’t have made one peep about this.
    However, had this been a BOMB and the teacher had ignored it because they were afraid of offending a Muslim, then this teacher would have been fired, and possibly charged with anything they could find to pin on them.
    We’ve developed a society of cynicism, fear, and anger and now we get bent out of shape because one kid gets caught up in this Cynicism, Anger and Fear and we start screaming discrimination.
    The saddest part of this story is it shows just how far this country has slid into a culture of everyone is offended by something and we have to legislate a solution for every offense that has been made.