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Fully Functional Game Boy Mini Fridge Is All Your Dorm Needs


When you think of a mini fridge, you might think of it as a nice accessory from which to get drinks or snacks while gaming. Unless, that is, you’re luthier and Evangelical Ministries student Daniel d’Entremont. Then you combine the two into what could be called a “Cold Boy.”

D’Entremont, aka “Mod Purist,” decided to turn his little fridge into a Game Boy after seeing a fridge online dressed up with a decal that made it look reminiscent of the system. His, however, is fully functional, using a Raspberry Pi to run RetroPie, a distribution meant for emulation. As he puts it, “this mini fridge will be a conversation piece for my dorm room, and one day my man cave.” I, personally, appreciate his long-term thinking.


The draw to this project is the build quality. The screen, which you might suspect is just attached to the outside, is actually mounted by cutting into the fridge itself. If this seems like a waste of a perfectly good VGA screen, you might be correct, except that, in an amazing feat of component-sourcing, it was purchased at a thrift store for around four dollars!

The buttons are made out of wood, and are all functional, as seen in the video below. As you might suspect, gameplay is a bit awkward, but would probably be fun for a party as background entertainment. You can see d’Entremont playing Pokeymon at 1:00 in the video, although he doesn’t get into character movement until around 2:30.


For more information, check out his “Mod Purist” article, as well as the build log on the Bit Fix forum. It was created for their Game Boy contest, which has now ended. You’ll have to wait until their next contest to show off your skills!

[via Gizmodo Toyland]


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