The etailer Wholesale Halloween Costumes has some simple and fun-looking DIY costume and prop projects on their site. Here’s one that couldn’t be easier and you end up with effectively creepy, glowing mummy hands reaching from the ground. Pile up a little dirt around the wrist for extra rising-from-the-dead authenticity.


All you need for this build is a glow stick, a roll of masking tape, and a milk shake straw. And a pair of scissors.


The trick here is to apply the first layer around your model’s hand with the sticky side facing out. That way, you can easily cut and remove the molded hand like a glove. The straw is taped into the mold as well and is used as a channel for cutting the mold off of your model when the hand is done.


Once the straw is cut in half and the hand is removed, you can tape the prop hand shut again and fix any areas that may have been damaged while removing it. Now just add the glow stick and find a suitable location for your zombie hand uprising. The straw extending below the wrist can also be used as an anchor to hold the hand in the ground.


You can see the full instructions and some other worthwhile projects on the Wholesale Halloween Costumes site.

[Hat tip to Make: pal Kent Barnes for sending us this link.]