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Video games have wasted countless hours of our time, but their storylines, universes, and characters have an incredible ability to inspire us, sometimes even more so than books or movies are able. Why not funnel some of that inspiration into your Halloween costume? Here are six costumes based on old-school gaming pixelated goodness!

Minecraft Creeper Costume


Although technically not of the “8-bit generation,” if there is one modern-day game that screams “pixels!” Minecraft would have to be it. This pixelated costume is like a telescope — it’s able to extend down when stationary as seen in the picture, or can be lifted up for easy walking.

Mario and Question Block

Photo: ultrakickgirl via Flickr, used under Creative Commons

For many of us, Mario is the epitome of a classic video game character, and personally I don’t think there were many better games made for the original Nintendo than Mario 3. If a friend already wants to go as Mario, you can give some recognition to the humble “question mark” block and go as a pair.

Link Pixelated Costume


If Mario was the most popular 8-bit Nintendo character (it certainly helped that the game came with the system), Link, from the Legend of Zelda, can’t be far behind. This costume appears to be made of cardboard, and pays excellent homage to Link’s pixelated past!

Tron Suit


Tron may technically be a movie about future gaming, but a video game based on it was released the same year as the original movie. Therefore, this costume makes the list. However you want to define it, who doesn’t love glowing stripes on a costume? Also, it’s a great idea to enhance visibility while trick-or-treating.

Chomping Pacman

[vimeo 30599638 w=500 h=375]

If simplicity is your goal, it’s hard to beat Pac Man, because at its core, it’s simply a circle with a mouth that eats more circles and/or dots. Seen in the video is an interesting idea for emulating this simple but strangely interesting movement!

[via mental_floss]

Metroid Samus Aran Costume


Metroid is yet another 8-bit Nintendo game that entertained many. Although this costume might be a bit complicated to whip up quickly before Halloween, the build is documented here and might be good inspiration for next year!


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