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Easy No-Carve Pumpkin Idea: Star Wars BB-8
Photo by Lady Pops

If you’re a Star Wars fan with a naked pumpkin on your hands, it’s not too late to create this clever BB-8 pumpkin to greet trick or treaters.

Now, we’ve seen some jaw dropping Star Wars-inspired pumpkin carvings before, including R2-D2 and the Death Star. But unlike those intricately hand-carved designs, this project requires no carving, which means less mess and a longer-lasting pumpkin.

All you need for this BB-8 is some paint, markers, papier-mâché, masking tape, and a 1-liter soda bottle. After cutting the top half and opening off the soda bottle, masking tape and multiple layers of papier-mâché are plastered over it and painted to form BB-8’s head.

It’s hard to tell from the creator’s instructions how the BB-8 head is affixed to the pumpkin or whether it just sits loosely on top. I might try hot gluing a circle of cardboard in the base of the head and skewering it into the pumpkin with a kabob stick to keep the droid’s head from blowing off.

I also have to give you hardcore Star Wars fans a trigger warning on this video. Lady Pops mistakenly refers to your beloved BB as B-88 throughout. In exchange for this fun project, please cut her some slack. Honestly, all those B’s and 8’s really do look alike.


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