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Build This Water-Saving Toilet Tank Sink


Jon-A-Tron from Instructables has posted a project on how to build a toilet tank sink. I’ve been thinking about adding one of these to my bathroom and this certainly makes DIY look very doable.

Jon writes about the project:

Why use water you could drink to flush a toilet? This is a huge waste of a precious resource, especially in the epic drought we’re experiencing in California. This project is a way to save water in style, using a plastic coated Plyboo sink and a sleek faucet by Moen.


A single toilet flush uses about 3 gallons (13.5 Liters) of potable water. A toilet tank sink works by routing the water that would normal go into the tank, which is clean water from the supply, through the sink on top of the tank. From the there, the resulting graywater goes into the tank and then into the ball for flushing.


The only peculiarity of this type of sink is that you have to turn the faucet on while flushing to refill the tank. That, and of course, washing your hands on the toilet. But hey, get over that. This is a foolish waste of water. Why not make it do double duty?


To create his sink, Jon-A-Tron used Plyboo (plywood made from bamboo) for the wooden tank, Ultra-Glo polymer coating for waterproofing, and a very fancy, expensive Moen faucet. This Instructable was sponsored by the well-known bathroom fixture company, hence the $600 faucet. If you’re going to build this, you could obviously use a much cheaper fixture.


Here’s a video of Jon-A-Tron briefly describing the build and showing how the faucet operates:


You can see the full project and find templates for this build on the project’s Instructable page.

This project is from a series on Instructables sponsored by the plumbing equipment company Moen. You can view all of the projects in the series on the Moen landing page on Instructables.


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