It’s interesting that most intelligent creatures in the Star Wars universe (or should I say “a galaxy far, far away?”), though incredibly diverse, are roughly the same size. What if, however, there was a Jedi or Sith that was five to ten times the size of the average humanoid? If that was the case, they would need giant lightsabers, like the ones shown in Bob’s “I Like To Make Stuff” video below.

The build starts out with a cylindrical concrete form. This forms the grip of the lightsaber, while the slashing end is formed out of clear “corrugated plastic roofing stuff” that can be found at home improvement stores. The grip is painted with silver spray paint, plus a red dot for the “on” button. Black duct tape is used to add a more appropriate pattern to it.


Once it’s assembled using wood, MDF, and screws, the ‘saber is lit up by an LED light assembly from “the holiday section.” Once power is applied, the “roofing stuff” glows very well, and the assembly really is quite huge. As Bob puts it, “Are they totally ridiculous?” His answer is, of course, “Yes.”

The red and green pair of lightsabers are eventually meant as Christmas decorations for Bob’s house, but not before an epic green versus red lightsaber battle in the dark streets of suburbia!

Interestingly, once the pair of light sabers are on display, they could be taken as a bit of a visual double entendre. As green and red are both traditional Christmas colors, and the colors of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader’s light sabers, I’m sure some fans will see the irony (intentional or not) of it!