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What better to listen to, while you toil away in your shop, than a podcast full of makers discussing different aspects of making?

Browsing around the net a bit, I came across this fun podcast. “Faking It” is put together by a group of people who make stuff and talk primarily about all aspects of making. It is refreshingly simple and easy to listen to. They haven’t been focusing on the minutiae of making things, they’re not spending 20 minutes discussing how to properly create a perfect dado. Instead, they’re talking about the interesting aspects of making stuff as a hobby, creating videos for your builds, and possibly even the transition to building things full time.

The Faking it crew includes David Waelder, Andrew Aragon , Andy Birkey, Mike Laffey, and Rod Reyes and they have some interesting guests on as well, such as Jimmy DiResta in the example above.

If you’re the type of person who likes podcasts, you already know how it works. You can find them on Soundcloud as well as Itunes.



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