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This Week in Making: Radioactive Sirloin and a Young Philanthropist
Rajee Shah of To Green and Beyond.
Rajee Shah of To Green and Beyond.

15 year old Rajee Shah turned her hobby of creating upcycled paper jewelry into a successful philanthropic enterprise.


There’s now a cluster HAT to interface a Raspberry Pi with four Pi Zeros! It’s perfect for the lucky bastard who has somehow managed to get four Pi Zeros.


Remember that time Becky Stern made irradiated plush sirloin steaks? Well, we were getting nostalgic about it the other day… good times.

Is the future of vehicle development in virtual reality? McLaren is hoping to sell its simulator system to other automotive companies.

I asked Colin Harrington if his work was inspired by the scene in Barbarella where the Great Tyrant sleeps in her Chamber of Dreams, but the answer was “no” which is why I don’t mention Barbarella at all in this article about his method of turning EEG readings into music and images.


Did you know that almost all makerspace related injuries can be treated by rubbing bacon on it?


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