My vision was to create a compressed-air rocket launcher that is totally self-sufficient, and awesome looking. Unlike traditional compressed air launchers, this design can launch rockets over 300 feet without laboring over a bicycle pump, or restricting your location to an outlet for a plug-in air compressor. It also had to look awesome.

I had to learn, and was challenged by, the soldering and painting techniques. I’ve soldered maybe twice in my life, and it’s always been super sloppy. This time I wanted to make it look perfect since I had to photograph it. I also struggle with color and painting techniques. I think I spent just as much time deciding on colors and painting as I did building. You can see more about my process here.

Right now I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

This project definitely takes some well-established ideas from other compressed-air launchers, however the design and inclusion of a battery-powered air compressor are unique.

If someone else were to make it, I might reconsider when and how the pieces are painted. Otherwise, I think the steps are pretty streamlined.