“One shortcut to connect with learners at an emotional level is through considered use of humor and whimsy…” Learn how the Tinkering Studio does it at San Francisco’s Exploratorium museum.

Natasha Dzurny has tried out a lot of LEDs in her time. Here are her tips for choosing the right LED for your project.

MicrosoftStore's Gravestone + Grave

MicrosoftStore’s Gravestone + Grave

Is 3D printing a dying a slow, sad death? Say it ain’t so! This article from John Brandon has been making the rounds and stirring up all kinds of opinions.

DSC_5382 (2)

Fun Make: fact! We were duct taping old batteries into the door strike to keep our office door from locking during regular hours. We did this for far too long. No surprise, some simple but elegant making was the solution to our problems.


If you have ever started a garden with good intentions only to kill off all your plants with your thumb of death, then maybe it’s time to let the robot’s do the tough stuff. FarmBot Genesis is an open source robot farmer that will plant seeds, water, and weed.

Have you seen this? I mean, really, have you seen this!? This 3D printed zoetrope is so rootin-tootin cool I don’t know what to do with myself.