We’re incredibly proud to announce that Maker Camp launched today! Maker Camp, now in its 5th year, is a virtual DIY camp that introduces kids aged 7-12 to science, technology, engineering, and math with 24 fun and creative hands-on projects.

Maker Camps are run by volunteer affiliates (read: maker heroes), and serve up projects that teach kids about physics, basic electronics, crafting, construction, woodworking, programming, sensors, and circuits — even gardening.

Whether it’s making a paper light-up rotocopter, a soda bottle stomp rocket, a fruit piano, an LED magnetic dartboard, worm composting bin, or an oboe made from a straw, kids learn about complex concepts while stoking their creative fires. It’s super fun.

635 affiliates (and counting) are hosting Maker Camps around the world this summer. In fact, some Camps got rolling today … check ‘em out:

Voices from the Maker Camp Community

Computers4Kids Clubhouse Maker Camp

Computers4Kids Clubhouse

Fairview Libary Maker Camp

Fairview Libary

Maker Mike Maker Camp

Maker Mike

Memphis Library Maker Camp

Memphis Library

Summersville Public Library Maker Camp

Summersville Public Library

Want to join in and host a camp in your community? It’s not too late to participate. Visit www.makercamp.com to learn how to host your own Maker Camp, or find one near you!

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