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Exploring Seattle Mini Maker Faire Through the Eyes of a Cosplaying Maker

Sit back and enjoy this tour of the Seattle Mini Maker Faire that happened on September 17-18. This footage is courtesy of Sophy Wong, who was attending as a speaker on the subject of wearable art. Of course, you have to bring something to show off at the faire, so Sophy broke out the LEDs and soldering iron.

Her costume is a character she made up, named Null. She explains a bit of the construction of the LED vest.

The LED vest is built on a base shape I cut out of leather and connected together with rivets. I used 2 meters of NeoPixel strips from Adafruit, and controlled it all with a 5v Trinket Pro microcontroller. The lighting sequences are driven by the FastLED library, my husband Kim helped me with a lot of the coding. All in all, it took about 2 weeks (evenings) to design and put together. It was down to the wire, but happily, everything worked on the day of the panel!

Sophy went over the top with her video by tracking down the makers and giving them credit!

From the video description:

BB-8 Droid – UPrep Robotics Club
The Destiny Box – Balin Lusby
Glowforge, the 3D Laser Printer
LED impact sensing hammer – SoDo MakerSpace
Bluthe, Death Star 2000 – Anantika Mannby
KrakenTrike – Gearbox Labs
Cardboard City Builds – Cardboard Creations
The Walking Beast – Moltensteelman Studio
Reclining Figure – Ryan Elizabeth Feddersen
Daleks of Seattle – Cult of Skarobucks
Kentridge Robotics Team 3786
Blacksmithing Demo – Pratt Fine Arts Center

The other artists on the Wearable Artists Spotlight:
Terra Holcomb 
Chelsea Klukas
Moderator: Jacob McMurray (EMP Museum)



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