Weekend Watch: Real-Time Painting with Nagualero

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Weekend Watch: Real-Time Painting with Nagualero


There isn’t much that relaxes me faster than the sound of a brush repeatedly grazing a canvas. The youtube channel Nagualero is packed with videos of a painting from conception to completion in real-time. No fancy timelapse here, just the soothing sounds of an image being created from pigment and brush strokes.

The videos are labelled as lessons, though this is primarily a watch and learn kind of thing. He doesn’t guide you through each minute step as a teacher would, though there are some occasional narrations.

One aspect of this channel that is pretty fun is that he also does bushcraft and wilderness stuff. This means that some of the videos also involve a very nice expedition to a beautiful natural area to paint. In the case of the video above, he actually does some painting from a boat and has to battle the wind on occasion to keep things in view.

Even without narration of each step, I feel like I can learn a lot just from watching his process and how he lays down color. I particularly enjoyed these mushrooms.

This weekend, there’s snow on the ground in my hometown, so these bright and sunny videos really help me deal with the cold. I’m not a big painter, though I have tried my hand at it a couple times with acceptable results. However, watching someone else paint is a sure fire way to relax my, often hyper, brain.


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