The ever-crafty, dungeon drafty DM Scotty has put up a quick tip on his gaming crafts channel that’s worth sharing here. In it, he shows you how to turn a dollar store reacher arm and a few rubber erasers into a tool for retrieving miniatures, terrain, and other playing pieces from a gaming table.


Anyone who’s played a tabletop game using miniatures (or any type of playing pieces) spread over large distances, or tried to retrieve a miniature from a gaming table surrounded by players, will instantly understand the utility of this device. In fact, I’m surprised that more gamers don’t consider such a tool a necessary accessory. One of the hassles of playing wargames with lots of miniatures or a roleplaying game with a crowded dungeon is managing the movement of everything. This type of reacher arm is a great answer to that problem.


As you can see from the brief video, creating the arm is as easy as poking two rubber erasers onto the tips of the grabber. The erasers will help give you a better grip and protect your minis from scratches. While Scotty created this for retrieving gaming miniatures, you could use this for any situation where you have to reach across a large surface to pick up and arrange small, slightly delicate objects.

I’d love to here from other gamers, if you use any sort of reacher, hook, or other tool for retrieving your minis from your gaming table. Please chime in with comments below.