Studying A.I.

This past week, Samsung went ahead and opened a brand new A.I. lab up in Canada at the Université de Montréal. Collaborating with South Korean researches, the school’s faculty, staff, and students will be working on several AI-related projects. As of right now, they’re looking at self-driving car technology, image recognition software, instant translation, and A.I. controlled robots.

It’s no secret that Canada is quickly becoming the hotspot for A.I. development, as Samsung’s placement of their their A.I. development team is a decision shared by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple. I’m not quite sure which of these companies society will look back on one day, as the “winner” of the race to perfect A.I. technology. All I know is that I want my self-driving car.

Self-Driving Car Service

Speaking of self-driving cars, Grab just helped the the autonomous vehicle technology startup raise $15 million. The company is planning on heading to Singapore next with this most recent influx of cash.

Live from New York!

World Maker Faire New York was last weekend! Did you go? No? Well, our editorial team was there and captured pretty much the whole Faire. Check out our live blog of the event, and acquaint yourselves with the sights of one of the largest show-and-tells on Earth!