Whoever would have thought that an 18-minute video on restoring a 1998 Packard Bell Multimedia PC could be so interesting? At least for me it was a techno-nostalgic trip down memory lane. I had one of these el cheapo wonders, which at the time was sort of the VolksPC of late 90s hardware. It was one of the first computers I started doing any upgrading and hardware tinkering on (replacing/upgrading the processor, power supply, RAM, and drives). It was the first PC into which I installed a TV card.


As the tech decades blaze by, hardware from those decades, even computers like this that were homely and ubiquitous, becomes fascinating for fans of antique computing to collect and explore. On this YouTube channel, Lazy Game Reviews, you can watch along as he cracks open, explores, and restores dozens of computers and other consumer electronics from the past.