Check out this wonderful interactive wall piano created by German designer and tech artist, Martin Hertig (who we’ve covered here before). Martin was asked by the concert venue, Jugendkulturhaus Dynamo, to create an installation for their backstage area. Using Bare Conductive’s Touch Board, he created a touch piano on one of the walls. I love that he doesn’t say what it is and leaves it to the denizens of backstage to discover it themselves. Given the shenanigans that go on backstage at a concert hall, one can only imagine how many Keanu Reeves “WHOAs” this device has elicited upon discovery.

Here is Martin describing the project:

Jugendkulturhaus Dynamo needed something to revive the backstage area of their concert venue. I installed Wallpiano, a bunch of suspicious-looking metal profiles with wires coming out of them. They don’t seem to have a purpose, and no explanation is given to the always-changing guests that use the backstage. Whether they dare to touch it, or just do so by accident, the installation will reveal its function as a musical instrument. Using the Bare Conductive Touch Board, I created this permanent installation to provoke bands who are hanging out backstage. By touching the smallest bar, the sounds can be switched.


Here is the write-up on Bare Conductive’s site with more background and images.