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StitchKit Hopes to Bring Electronic Fashion to Schools

We’ve been seeing more and more electronics working their way into fashion. The last few years, we watched as MakeFashion grew from a simple idea to a worldwide phenomenon. Now, they’re stepping up to make it easier for designers and students to add circuits to their projects with the “StitchKit.”

This is a system meant to open the doors to fashion tech for people who previously would have found it too complex. StitchKit consists of a programmable board and a few supplies. The board itself offers some nice features, such as built in stress relief for wires (those solder points break so fast when you’re moving around in a lit up costume!) and compatibility with the full line of grove sensors from seeedstudio. This means you can add pretty much any type of sensor you can think of without much effort.

In the video above, Table 6 Design shares their experience trying out the system. The most important part, I think, is where they explain that they didn’t have any idea how to even solder, but with StickKit, they were immediately able to make these cool electronic fashion items.

The rewards are limited, so be sure to hop over and support them soon.


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